Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Am I A Proper Wargamer?

OK this has gone viral and even though I have replied in sorts on Phil's blog I will do a fuller job here.

Spent over £500 on figures/tanks etc.?
Since coming back I am fairly sure I have spent close to this if not more and that's not much over a year. Now over the years excluding ASL I have spent a few  times that figure on lead alone. Include ASL and well given I have spent at least £1000 and probably more than double over the years. I have though got plenty more back out of both in time spent and entertainment.
Pricked your finger on a pike block?
I own the t-shirt, as recent as in the last two months I have been add (though that time by lance armed cavalry.
I think you can also add with cutting tools when cleaning up figures. Yep that too!!
Tried at least 10 rule sets. ?
Easy, though not all for the same period! 6mm Naps has got to have had the most rules purchased for it though ECW is not that far behind!
Bought an Army off E-Bay?
Can't say I have, bought units or bits and bobs yes. Though I have bought armies on bring and buy stalls to the extent that I did so again this very year (more 6mm ECW)
Sold an Army on E-Bay?
Again no but I have sold a few units and single figures. Also again I have sold odd armies on the bring and buy including one I bought an another bring and buy after using it just the once. I also sold a Macedonian army that I still regret to this day!
Spent Months painting an army and used it just the once?
No all armies I have bought have had a longer run than that. I do though have plenty of units that have yet to be used after being painted and I have sold a 15mm Austrian Battle Honours army unpainted months after buying it as we then decided to do Naps in 6mm!!!
Tried Several Different Periods or genres?
A fair few periods, I seem to be entrenched in he periods I already play and don't see that changing any time soon. Genres? Well played Si-Fi recently and enjoyed that. Have roleplayed many times in the past and would like to get that going again sometime. I board and figure game so I think I have most of the areas covered.
Dropped a box of figures from a great height?
Not quite, what I did was accept a lift home for my figures (not me) and when I got home was told, oh your box rolled around a bit in the boot of the car. So casual, opened the box and hardly a figure remained on it's base. A whole army was out of action (15mm ECW) I nearly quit it took me months to get over and re-base them and touch up the paint damage.
Lost a battle on the last throw of the dice?
Yes a number of times, happens more in ASL I think that figure games though with the army break rule being in so many rules I think it is now far more common. My best was a two day 20+ hour game based on Stalingrad (Valour of the Guards) were I failed to get a result on the last moving unit, it was well past 2AM and was just too zazzed to sleep so spent the next couple of hours packing away the bits and chewing the fat. Remains my best ASL game ever, the journey was so god it did not matter which of us won.
Made an enemy for life?
No, though on Gamesquad I have one guy on ignore as he winds me up. I guess I have the same effect on a few others but nothing as bad as an enemy
Had a proper stand up argument over a wargames table?
Far too many years ago, now no, sometimes we will struggle to come to a decision but if all fails throw a dice.
Thrown a dice across the room?
In anger, I don't remember doing but I may have. Done it in fun a few times and have a mini vice to crush wayward dice but never have  :-)
Rebased an army for another set of rules?
Er, twice both recently and both for different versions of FoG. Now trying to get a mate to do his.
Inflicted a whopping defeat on an opponent?
Yes, but as has been said by another, not a great deal of pleasure is gained, sucks for a nights entertainment.
Suffered an embarrassing defeat due to stupid tactical decision?
Only once? Not in figure gaming, though I have lost a game in record time on a rout of one unit taking the rest of the army (less hoplites) with them. In ASL a lot more often.
Joined a Wargames Club?
Once, never really got into the club culture, if I did not have mates to play then maybe.
Bought a ton of lead that remains unpainted?
Not so bad with this as most does get painted but at the moment I have more lead to paint than is healthy but I do not worry as none of it is in danger of not being painted.
Been to a wargames show?
Yes and a plenty, though they don't excite me as much as they used to, maybe the lack of money to go crazy? More like the lack of projects to go crazy on I think. The Internet has a lot to answer for as you can get so much from there.
Have more dice than logically required?
No, I have enough for the general games I play but I have more precision dice than any man could require. These are for ASL and at £6 each you really only need two, I have ten, go figure?
Have I taken a box of troops down to the club to show mates?
Not a club no, but round to friends houses yes! I remember getting my Prussian 6mm army from Red Triangle (any one remember them?) and taking the box round to Mats to open it together to share the experience, in my defence he did live next door!
OK I think I can pass as a real wargamer, how about you?


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