Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 23 November 2012

Neapolitan Infantry All Finished.

I painted up the last three Regiments at the same time which obviously speeds up the process. I am really happy with the end result as all three look great together. Whilst the Neapolitan army had more than the five regiments I show here I am not painting up the whole army, just enough for the number that served in the Iberia. However I have yet to check if any served in Russia (I don't think they did) and if so I could end up painting up some more. I still have to paint up a cavalry regiment or two at some point.
Here we have Line Infantry Regiment Principe Real or the 3rd Line Regiment. Not the best of pictures now I have uploaded it but pressing on....
 Line Infantry Regiment Real Sannita or the 4th Line Regiment. Whilst the yellow of the 3rd does not stand out so well the orange of the 4th makes itself known.
Finally Line Regiment Real Calabria or obviously 4th Line Regiment. I have taken a bit of a liberty here in making the blue lighter than in actual life as I thought it would look a bit better. I hope I don't go to painters hell for that!
The Neapolitans had a total of twelve line regiments, four light regiments and eight regiments of cavalry, though these did not all exist at the same time as one only lasted a year whilst one was formed post the majority being disbanded. They also had foot and horse artillery as well as coastal artillery and sappers but I at the moment have no details of these.
All three regiments side by side. I did enjoy painting these up and look forward to them being fielded with the French for a nice mix of colours. Of course once they get into a game I will soon see them suffer if I try going nose to nose with either the British or Portuguese. Best I can hope for is picking a fight with some Spanish or using them as a reserve to be brought into action against already weakened allied troops.
Here we go all five regiments showing off a nice mix of colours. I have the OOB of the French army in 1808 for Spain and it lists just the three regiments so some will see even more limited action, not that I expect to use them a great deal. The army list was a real eye opener as I have only a proportion of the regiments that are listed. I spent an afternoon last week writing regiments details to the bottom of the bases and writing up a spread sheet of regiments that I still need to paint up. I have two complete corp of required troops painted and a fair amount of the line infantry and cavalry for some of the other corps but as much of the infantry are Irregular I intend to sell these on and replace with a mix of the new Baccus French infantry (when released) and Adler so I can have a mixed look about them. As for the cavalry I will be buying just Adler from this point on unless the Bacus mounts are changed (see a following post on this in the next day or three).
I certainly have a much bigger project than I originally saw. This is not an issue as I was planning on expanding for the Russian campaign, using what I could for both projects as a line regiment is  line regiment for the most case. The cavalry are a slightly different matter as the uniform colours can name a good number of regiments so in his case I will ed up creating all needed. It's not a problem as I will continue to add to the collection as time goes buy. I still intend to also start the Austrian army at some point next year.
As for other allied contingents I have most of the foreign elements covered as they tended to wear French style uniforms and I still have I think 17 regiments of foot of the current style Baccus (as shown above). This and the cavalry I already own I hope to get painted up over the next tree months along with a lot of the 15mm ancients I have in my to do box as well as get the Numidian army finished. With all that in place I hope to get started on the Romans by March so I can go to Triples with the intent of expanding the army with the cash from my birthday. The Persian, Macedonian and Seleucid armies are so close to being countered as finished regarding buying troops I can hope to concentrate on the Romans. I really must do a post on the lead mountain at some point, if only to get fixed in my mind what I have yet to do.


  1. You did a fine job on the paint - they shall still run away you know.

  2. Wow they are awsome! I must say that at 6mm they are far too small for me to paint.

  3. @ Conrad, but they will look good doing it ;-)

    @ Gowan, you really never know till you try. The thing with 6mm is the style you paint rather than the size that makes them easy or hard to paint. I can get these off the table so much faster than other scales even with the detail painted in. When I started I was much slower, maybe after Christmas I will do a tutorial.


  4. Nice bit of variety with these fellas. :-)