Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Good The Bad and the Ugly (again?)

Well I may have used the title before but not on the three subjects I am posting on now. For a change though I will swap round the topics.

The Bad.
Latest News. Shop is open and trading today so quite possible business is still going.
This is unconfirmed but it looks very much like Maelstrom Games have gone under. A friend ordered from them last week and has received his order minus one can of spray paint. He looked on his account and it was listed as back order. Later he went on again to see what else they had left and the above banner was in place with a message stating the site was down for maintenance. I very much doubt this is the case though it could be that it is down ready for a re-launch of the site. If that was the case I would expect a different message. Anyone who is waiting for items to be delivered who bought on a credit card, now would be a good time to contact them and try and get a reversal on the transaction. The phone number for Maelstrom Games is 01623 238919 which still rings. I will do a update later when the store should be open and may get someone to swing by the store if I can't make contact. I am however expecting the worst.
The Ugly.
I was given a load of old Games Workshop castings to look through a few months ago which in honesty have just sat gathering dust. I did have a look through when first given and as it was not clear if these were a you can have them if you want or you can buy them if you want I offered £20 for them given the amount of damaged metals and plastics that it included. Neither the person selling nor the go between had any interest in them and seems they were just off loading junk so happy to have £20 to give their son who had been given this lead pile from old gamers.
So yesterday was the first time  had really paid attention to them. What a mess, the painting standard of the figures painted is between shite and very poor. All will need the paint removing before I can do anything with them. I intend to sell all the none realistic fantasy stuff. Most of the figures are from the period when the slotta bases were first introduced so are very old. A couple of items such as the Skavenblight Scramblers Blood Bowl Team are complete and still in the box with the transfers! Another complete set is the Necromunda Ratskin Renegades (in fact both these sets have extra figures included in the boxes that have been bought and added. I even have Thrud and a Hobbit Hotpot set (or part of) in the mix  so I know I will make my money back on the deal now. If I make a reasonable profit I will send some more money the guys way, after all I was buying blind as I could not be bothered to check and have no intention to rip the bloke off. Still I have a lot of scrubbing to do before then.
The Good.
Always finish on a positive note. Lee and a couple of mates are going the the Wargames Holiday Centre next weekend. Seems they have earned four places and as a great act of kindness they have decided to give me the spare place. As Lee said "It's an ideal place to learn the rules we use" Having just off loaded some figures I am in a position to go as all I need is the cash for evening meals and drinks with breakfast and midday meal provided between the hotel and WHC. The room is one of those that costs the same for two as it does for one and breakfast is included. It's also on a special offer so we don't have much to pay for it. I can't remember the battle that Lee said we will be playing but it's 28mm Napoleonic set in the Peninsular and is one of the smaller battles. This really sparks my interest and I am really looking forward to the weekend. I can't say how grateful I am to the guys so another plus is you don't have to put up with my ramblings next weekend but you can look forward to some eye candy shots of the game.


  1. Enjoy the trip Ian and good karma about the box of GW assorted items!

  2. "between shite and very poor"
    Sorry but that made me laugh!

  3. On balance I think you came out ahead; have a great weekend Ian.

  4. The Battle is Busaco and was a British Victory

    So will see if we can repeat history, thats if we play British.

  5. Maelstorm gone possible, are you going back to the shop to find out for sure?

    Skaven BB Team and Thrud, wow lucky you. The SKaven team is about the only BB I havent got.

    Have a great weekend next weekend

  6. I've just managed I claw money back from Maelstrom though Paypal. Glad I got in before they switched Paypal off.

    I will not be using any of Maelstrom's associated businesses again.

  7. Thrud? My word, that brings back memories of my teenage years.

    Have a great weekend Ian :)

  8. @ Angry, I will indeed, tol about it about two weeks ago and have been upbeat ever since.

    @ Ray Don't be sorry but maybe I will post a pic of a few.

    @ Michael, I did and counting down till Friday :-)

    @ Lee, thanks for that Lee, I am sure we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    @ PanzerKaput the shop phone has been disconected but the website number is still working but no answer so far (tried a number of times) I hope to get the store checked out later as my wife is taking my daughter to a presentation she has at the libary.
    Well once the Skaven are clened up they wil be going on e-bay to fund yet more figures. Some are also on E-bay a the moment in fact.

    @ Phyllion, glad you got your money back. I would guess that whilst they were running the company that they just continued to take orders but maybe when/if the administators came in the policy was changed to only allow to buy stock they have as they were wrappingup the company. Again this is just an educated guess. If they happen to recover and just closed down te retail outlet I wouldstill be prepared to use them, but I have the luxuary that I could call at the location and collect the items and pay at that point so no risk. If they do carry on though it shows they have extremly high levels of incompetence though.


  9. @ Tamsin yes me too. All told I think there is well over 100 figures that need sorting, cleaning and either moving on or re-painting as well as all the figures that have not been painted


  10. Store still trading but beyond that I have no information.



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