Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Baccus Old Style Buildings

Remember when Lee and I bought the ECW starter set at Donnington (Derby) last year? Well it was the original starter set that came with the resin buildings rather than the new style. Peter has since sold these buildings and started to have buildings made by Timecast. Whilst the old style does not stand up to Timecast standards they do have a charm of their own. Unfortunately the person who bought the moulds has yet to produce buildings for sale and enough time has passed to suggest this will not come to pass.
The tile base system that Baccus uses now actually started with these buildings. These are considered ECW though they could be of a earlier date. Me I see them as a ramshackle down at heal hamlet or average farm.
These were fast to paint up though I added flock to the base as it looked crap without. The brown blob on the end of the building on the right is a pile of logs, these do look better in real life honest.
Not sure the wall really adds anything to these buildings. I suppose if other building were available then it would be a different story. Not that the walls are a big thing.
I know I should have used a ECW stand of figures for this shot but their box is near the bottom of the pile and I had just finished these guys.


  1. Nice looking buildings!

  2. They looks real nice and they are so small!