Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Baccus 6mm Artillery Park, or Secret Santa Ready For Action

I guess you will have noticed by now I am trying a different look for the blog. This is the look favored by Phil at The Wargaming Site and I have considered such a move and finally am trialing it for awhile. Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome. I have to say that it more than tripled the number of hits I received yesterday. I am hoping this is because it makes it easier to look for other posts that may be of interest.

Anyway on to the subject of today's post my Secret Santa. It has been heart warming to see other recipients have also pushed their Secret Santa items either to the front or near the front of their painting queues and indeed I am not the first to get mine finished. 

This is the whole lot all painted up (except one spare wheel) The guns are not glued in place so can be added to the limbers. I did think painting them all up as a single set would have been a little bit of a bind but in fact not only did they paint up quickly they were fun to do as well.

Here we have the four Howitzers which had me most excited on Christmas day as it was only a couple of days before that I was thinking how much I would like to get some of these to add a little variety to mt guns.

 I now have twenty Baccus guns and a lot of irregular that will not again be used as their size really looks silly now. This will be enough for any battle I hope to play for some months.

 Though I have had an update e-mail from Pete that Baccus will soon be concentrating on the French at long last and they intend to include new gun options rather than a generic gun and howitzer they plan to represent the different sized guns. This is great news, I will wait till the new guns come out to check the sizes and by then I should hopefully have painted up enough Infantry and cavalry to require more guns.

The four limbers I received doubles my total to eight which will represent horse batteries on the table.  I will again need more at a later date. So I hope the person who was my Secret Santa approves of these boys and  I look forward to putting all these on the table at the same time. At some point I will try and get all of my painted French on the table for a group photo.

I still have 5 regiments of Hussars to prep and paint up, then that will be all of the cavalry done and dusted. I  also have 10 regiments of Italian infantry to paint up that are prepped and about fifteen infantry regiments that have yet to be taken out of their packets. I hope to get most of these painted up during the Challenge though I have so many other figures in the line as well I won't be disappointed if they do not make the cut. That is IF I manage to get plenty of other figures painted instead.

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