Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 19 January 2013

WSS French Regt Vermandois 6mm Baccus

This is the first of the Regiments that I am painting up for Matt for his French War of Spanish Secession Army. All the figures will be Baccus and funnily enough is not the first figures from around this period I have painted for someone else, and again they were 6mm and Baccus.

The first task was to make sure they matched Matt's other figures and style. Not so easy as Matt's style is rather different to mine. I base coat usually in white whilst Matt goes with black. I paint to the corners and whilst Matt is not anything like a blob painter he leaves a slight shadow of black around the painted areas. I have always liked the look of this style but had difficulty knowing really where to begin with it.

No this is NOT the regiment I painted up, rather it's the example Matt dropped off the other day for me to go by. As you can see Matt has a striking style and one that also works with his rather nice Russian Napoleonic's. Indeed one could ask why he would use someone else when he can do so well? Well two reasons, the usual time issue. At the moment he is building a 6mm British force to do Waterloo, not a small project and a subject he loves. The second reason has more sway, Matt simply does not enjoy painting. I know go figure?

So the picture above is of the first regiment I have done for him. For a period I have no knowledge or interest I am starting to get an idea about it. Hopefully this will not lead to yet another diversion, I need that like a further hole in the bonce. 

The plan is to work down the list of regiments Matt has given me, grouping them where same colours allow a faster pace. I have already done a second regiment so that Matt could see what I did with colour. Whilst he has yet to see the figures in the flesh he is happy for me to continue. I hope to do so early next week. In the meantime I am working on some 28mm WWII which weather permitting I will pick up the bases next weekend.

Matt will base and flag these guys at a later date, at this point they are sitting on my painting sticks. The idea is that once they are all done and based I can get a few pics to show you them ready for the field, you never know I might even get a game against them when Matt pits them against one of his other armies.


  1. Nice work Ian, you'll be needing glasses soon, painting them tiddlers!

  2. excellent work on a period I love

  3. @ Ray, I got told I'd go blind if I did not stop doing something else and I'm Ok so I may just risk it ;-)

    @ Scotty, the period really does nothing for me (yet) but I am enjoying painting them so far