Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WSS Mass Love In

OK maybe not love, but as my wife once said to me, it was fun. So quickly moving on, I decided to paint up the white and the grey foot regiments all at the same time after painting up the first one. This meant I seemed to be painting an endless supply of the same exact figure parts but it did have the desired effect of moving them on. I still have two regiments of infantry to do, one in blue and the other in red which I will be doing in a week or two.

I also painted up prior to the batch of six a blue coated regiment that being Gardes Frances which rather sticks out as it is. I have to admit I am looking forward to doing the two other colourful regiments as they tend to pop against the others. All six regiments got issued with grey coats and trousers by me as it helped make the white show better than the base of black. Same went for the hat lace, I painted all of these white before painting half of them yellow. The results I feel are better for it.

These will all be based and flagged by Matt, I still have yet to drop them off as I will need my painting sticks back. Each stick has the regiments name on it so I could paint them up correctly, so the last thing I want to do is mix them up.

48 figure regiments sure are on the large size. I am playing with the idea of making future French Napoleonic infantry regiments 36 figures with a skirmish screen of four figures. This adds 33% to the main body so will have a large impact on painting time but I think the result could well be worth it. Of course I have to sell some of the stuff at York this weekend to move forwards at all.

Here we have all eight regiments I have painted so far. The two infantry should take about three days and then the horse I think two to three weeks once they are started. I then have the 6mm Zulu army and at least three foot regiments in 15mm, one cavalry and three guns for Matt's ECW army so my self imposed time limit of three months looks very much possible. I plan to paint up a ECW regiment of my own in 15mm and do the corresponding regiments in 6mm for my own 6mm project. That should make it interesting. 

On the desk at the moment I have 37 WWII Germans in 15mm that I expect to finish the paint job tonight and sort out the AP for these and the 28mm WWII tomorrow whilst Cath is out for some much needed Brownie points. Then it's onto the pack of 40 15mm Yanks that I want to finish by Sunday. Given that I am out tomorrow night watching Les Mes, (a Christmas present from my Mum to Cath and me) an ASL game booked for Friday and hopefully Sunday this could be a paint job to far but here is hoping. 

Once these are done I hope to have bought the Russians which will be not to far down the line but first it will be something for me first. I have prepped the Adler command and Baccus Hussars for my French Naps and am keen to get these done. It's probable I will be working on Matt's cavalry at the same time so I need to clear some space.

I also have cleaned but not primed over 30 WWII figs to go with the 20 odd I have all ready to paint, these I plan to slip into the mix and as the 20 odd are partisans these will be done bits at a time to make sure they don't come out looking too similar. 

Plenty more right behind these that need to find a place int he queue and given my aim of starting my Romans before end of March I need to get a move on.


  1. Epic work and painting production.

  2. Looking very nice, also looking forward to the 15mm Germans!

  3. @ Fran, thanks, now it looks a lot, hard to see how I did that much LOL

    @ Ray, well the Germans are done upto basing, pick those up on Sunday then I can finish them. Still working on the Yanks

    @ Michael, thanks, can't wait to see all of them based by Matt.

    @ Thomas, cheers, it must be all that lace, still prefer the Napoleonic ranks though