Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Painting Service, Kind Of

Not to step on anyone's toes I have been on the quite painting figures up for pals. The idea is that I simply paint them for them and if they like they give me some figures back. Recently I did the SYW Imagination stuff for Andy at Another Slight Diversion in exchange for a Spanish Hill Town. Well another mate has given me this little lot.

So two 6mm Armies, Some Franco Prussian and three Salute Door Figures. Now these are not to paint, well not for him anyway. No with the other hand he gave me a load of 6mm SYW and Zulu and a bunch of 15mm ECW. So in one fell swoop I have enough to keep me occupied for a few weeks. The plan is to start work on my friends figures and insert some of mine from this stash, that way I will always be ahead of the game. Of course I still want to be getting on with all the other stuff I already have, these being mostly the 6mm Naps, 6mm ECW and 15mm Ancients. I am sure I won't be keeping the Confederate Baccus army but I am strangely drawn to the Anglo-Saxon one. Really not sure about the Prussian Army though I am looking forward to painting them. 

Right now though I have a date with eight Italian regiments for my Peninsular Army. I hope to get these finished before the weekend and then get some test bases done from the 6mm I have agreed to paint. I can see the challenge points racking up.


  1. Very cool that you are so into painting. That's how I feel about baking and cooking. And it's fun to have stuff in mind to work on. Really makes a day fun.

    Happy Painting.

  2. You're going to be a very buys man Ian.

  3. That lot will keep you busy

  4. This is the way to do it when your funds are limited. You always have something to paint and you get to add to your own lead pile. And with 6mm I'm guessing that not a whole lot of guys out there paint their own, so you've a good market.

    Enjoy your date Ian!

  5. That's a good stash of lead! What is the SYW stuff?

    I finally painted the mounted officers for the three units you did for me today. If I can do the flags tomorrow then I can based them all up and get some pics!


  6. That's what I used to do for my wargame mates years ago when I had no money for fig's. Not such a bad way to go.

  7. @ Happy, yes I do envoy painting, it's a good job as it's about the only thing I tend to do that does not tire me, the opposite in fact.

    @ Lead Legion, Man you should see the other stuff I have piled up!!

    @ Scotty, please see comment above LOL,

    @ Anne, Exactly, painting at the moment is the most important, not what I am painting. Though I need to do some stuff that I want so as to keep it fun. well the date is going well, well past first base ;-)

    @ Andy, It's more Baccus and French so I am guessing I know the figures LOL. I have space for any more you want me to do, will be at York and hope you are coming so we can catch up.

    Great news regards the leaders and I look forward to the pics.

    @ Roger, You can blame Andy for me going down this route as is was born from a chat we had at Derby the last time it was at the Uni.