Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 1 April 2013

Leven Miniatures Giveaway Drawn

Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway but most of all to Mick from Leven Miniatures for offering the prizes. I have even waited till the afternoon so no risk of being mistaken as a April Fool  :-)

Talking of fools, this is the image of the Leven mill, the one used on the giveaway was from Baccus, sorry the mistake was all mine.

Watch out for a post coming soon regarding some of the new buildings from Leven, I have been working away and should have a couple finished in the next day or so, they do look good!

So with no more messing around the two winners are Leif Eriksson and The Miniatures Man, each of you have £10 to spend on the Leven Website and I will pay postage of up to £5 so take advantage and load up your orders. Well done and enjoy, I look forward to seeing your results.

Can the winners electronically send me your names and address you can find me ian underscore willey at hotmail dot com. The underscore is the dash but with the shift pressed so should look something like 

random_name etc etc. Just leave a comment below if your struggling.

Talking of winning I won a giveaway of my own, ran by Michael across at 28mm Victorian Warfare. See below for the prize, I think my son will be rather happy with this, so thanks a lot Michael, your a gent.

Don't forget the other five giveaways are live till each has been up for seven days so feel free to join in and make a comment in the relevant giveaway. Bad luck for all those that missed out on this one but with still five to go you could yet lucky yet.


  1. Congratulations to the winners.

  2. Congrats to the winners, including you. Waiting patiently for the ones I have entered.

  3. W3ell done indeed to the lucky winners

  4. Entirely my pleasure Sir, hope to have it in the post tomorrow for you.

  5. Bad part: I did not win.
    Good part: both Leif and Jocke (The Miniatures Man) are in my game group so whatever they choose, I will get to play with it, and I won't even have to paint it!

  6. Woohooo! Thank's a bunches. And the Leven mill looks even better than the other one.

  7. @ Thomas, I think you won in a rather nice way, good for you and I had no idea all three of you were from the same group, that is some coincidence.

    @ Leif, yes the Leven one is much better, I love the colours I was able to use and really look forward to basing it up. I now have the new German buildings painted up and on this blog and when I have all of them painted up they will be stunning.


  8. Hooray! I won, and cool terrain. Couldn't be better!
    Thanks a lot. Looking forward to this.
    I'm actually a double winner, as I will see Leif's buildings on my gaming table. Double win for the group!