Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Next BIG Project

When I say big I mean tall, or at least not small or tiny. Part of my weekend spend was on White Putty to fill in gaps so here are the gaps that need filling.

I have lots of them, most of the joints need some work. I bought the figures second hand for about £5 if I remember correctly knowing never to look a gift figure in the mould lines. These are not the only gaps and lines that need a bit of work but are a fair representation. Of course I will generate more as I add the other parts to the models as well. However I am really looking forward to doing this one and it's a side of the hobby I want to sink some time into between the real projects of making toys to play with.

In the background you can see the picture that I have to try and follow to bring this set to life. Whilst I doubt I will make this diorama really swing I feel I can do a job I will enjoy and be happy with. Lots more bits to cut off spews and clean up but I am sure I will get further than just cleaning up bits, spraying some of these and gluing odd bits together badly as the previous owner did. Time as we say will tell.

As you can see from the picture above I have a little conflict of scales, with my 6mm looking up to my 54mm  I know which will get the most time on the table and it's not the big men. I have though already decided where this is going to sit as I don't plan to give it away.

Talking of 6mm though, I have been looking at my Prussians as Triples is just round the corner. To add all the Prussian infantry I need for Project Waterloo I need to pass over more than £150 more, with yet more cavalry and command still needed. I think I will have enough guns and limbers all told but will check as I get them all painted up. I yet still have the French to consider and expect the same again and rather more. Baccus will see a nice investment at Triples if my luck holds true, if not I will still pick up more come the next show I turn up at or order through the mail. Even after all that we still need plenty of buildings and other terrain bits so all in all lots more to spend. Good job I have a nice hobby fund saved up to square much of this away. I have at least started this months Prussians though I have plenty of distance to go and will just roll straight on into May's allocation before picking any other figures up, good job then I have finished off the ECW figures that were mostly done. More updates to follow.


  1. Nice project Ian. I too am starting to compile a shopping list for Triples

  2. Looking forward to the big project results Ian.

  3. Nice, some difference from the 6's

  4. Now that is a fabulous set of models and not least because they fall squarely into my particular field of interest. Can't wait to see what you do with these stunning Troopers.

  5. I look forward to seeing how this progress's, seeing you preping a big scale project makes me want to do more one off dioramas.

  6. @ Andrew, maybe we should sort out a bloggers meeting like Salute :-)

    @ Fran, well it's going to be a slow burner, I will post pictures as I progress but the 6mm and Matt's figures take front seat. Not that I am worried I want to enjoy it.

    @ Dave, indeed, though I have plenty of 15 and 288 to be getting on with as well

    @ Michael, no pressure then LOL

    @ Smillie, it's an area I have done a few over time but nothing recently. I hope to make it part of my hobby now rather than a tag on. I think it will improve my skills that or show them lacking LOL