Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Inevitable Finally Happened

Well I think it had to happen but in the continued vein of misinformation and out right lies that have really summed up whatever you want to call these guys we have yet another U-turn. Just days ago they were posting about how they were selling up as a going concern if possible and no way would they close before July and how those who had bought event tickets would still get to use the location etc etc etc and bullshit .....

What gets me is they have gone out of their way to lie so many times, it's as if who ever is responsible actually thinks they are clever or will get something out of it. I am fairly sure the way Maunsfeld Games was brought into being (through another companies stock and assets) was illegal. I suspect that someone who thought they were oh so clever are now finding out they are oh so in the shit. If it was a sole trader or partnership they would be looking at the loss of such things as their car, house, and so on. However both companies were Limited, so these things are safe. How ever if they have managed to do a really bad job of it they are on their way to jail, they won't pass go and I advise them NOT to pick up the soap! Actually please do pick up the soap, then you may get a feeling not dissimilar to the one you have been dishing out. Now I think it's very likely they have also done a number on the good old VAT man. Well if so I would recommend a nice big jar of Vaseline as it's going to do more than sting. 

What is clear is that they have gone into administration. What is not clear is when. If it has been whilst they were trading they and the administrators are guilty of failing to put up notices of this fact, also the act of selling items as different to what they were is non the surface a bit immoral but not illegal. Well that would be true until you consider that they were selling VAT rated items (20%) as food stuff (0%) and so again defrauding the Revenue if they had the till set up to record the VAT content which in my mind is very likely.

Not paying the VAT man is quite likely to end ugly for the one doing it, if it can't be proved this was unavoidable a prison sentence can occur. Add intentional failure to pay VAT via deception (the Nescafe scam) and you can expect some serious time. It's not about how much you scammed in this situation it's the fact you were stupid enough to try it. Advice to anyone thinking of scamming the Inland Revenue, make sure it's for a hell of a lot of money and make sure the money is way untouchable. It's advisable not to get caught as well but if I knew that.............

So back to the shop. I popped over Sunday, half expecting what I saw to be honest. The shop still has some stock on the walls, the till etc. but the tables have gone, go figure? As for all the tables terrain etc. I have no idea but if it's still upstairs their is a hell of a lot of moneys worth of terrain and buildings etc that should be dumped hopefully on the open market and not in a skip (unless I know in time to hire a van LOL).

It is a shame and I would like to add here the official website statement in full.

Maunsfeld Gaming, as well as this website, is now closed for the foreseeable future. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND ON TUESDAY OR THURSDAY NIGHTS.
Any attendee who has outstanding pre-paid tickets for the gaming nights will be refunded in due course.
The wargaming venue at Matlock Mill, as well as its assets, are up for sale and we are hopeful in finding someone to take over the Mill as a wargaming venue and therefore be able to honour all outstanding events.
An official statement will be put forward by Maunsfeld Gaming's liquidators over the next few days.

I used red as I thought it fitting. So pre-paid tickets in one breath will be refunded and in the next will be honoured. I doubt the owner even has any idea what that word means. I think they will be honoured to the same extent as the Flames of War orders were honoured. Or like when I went in for Scott and was told with all sincerity that the very next shipment they were sending out would be the New Zealand orders as they were now honouring the outstanding orders. 

Given the fact that The game store and playing space was only able to function through the profits the online store generated I doubt we will see anyone offering to buy Maunsfeld Games, after all someone had already tried that when they were a functioning - if heavily in debt company -  but the owner decided to transfer assets and ignore the offer. Unbelievably if you do a internet search the owner has sent out a statement that he was forced to close due to staff leaving, terrain being stolen and the negative press on the internet and all this despite having the assets to be a profit making company.  REALLY? The guys either living in cloud cooko land or well I leave that to you. So to all you out there who have told the truth about the money/items you are owed but not received and anyone else who thinks closing one day owing best part of £100K and opening the next and saying you owe nothing is neither smart and nice, shame on you/me.

Another gripe was that suppliers (he names GW) would not supply him. Hello you owe £100K do you want another £100K from them? No one is going to supply you stock, no one is going to buy off you if you kept their money after taking it KNOWING you did not have the stock and at some point knowing you would not get it! He was also surprised that no one is rushing forward to buy the business, really? Even a fresh company coming in would have trouble getting stock or customers if word gets out that it was THAT location. It's a wash out now. Only an already well known and recognised retailer (online or bricks and mortar) could rescue anything from it, this I very much doubt would happen even without the question of how the whole mess would play out in court regarding the last six months or so trading.


  1. Fecking unbelievable, will it go further I wonder?

    1. Sounds like they knew exactly what they were doing to me!!

  2. I hope they get everything they deserve

  3. Mr Lane knew exactly what he was doing in ripping off anyone stupid enough to give him money!! I got badly bit in the original collapse and despite promises nothing ever arrived and no I did not spend again in the two shadow companies he set up to continue his scams

  4. This is bullshit. Best of luck to those scammed by this outfit.

  5. Jeez, I remember the days when this hobby was entirely populated by Honest Johns, but, like anything money related, it will eventually attract sharks. Thank God there's still enough good will around to compensate.

  6. I can only hope he gets all he deserves, and thus, consequently suitably fudge packed on a regular basis by a large african gentleman.

  7. Shocking behavior. Although if anyone gave this guy money more than once. "There's no education in the second kick of a mule."

  8. Well this one got some reaction. I was never in the corner of hate them from the start but the way that it's played out and the way he is trying to make it sound like he was not at all at fault either shows a skin of a Rhino or someone having the last laugh. This story still has legs and I only hope we hear the last of it as I think some folks will need to know how it turns out to at least feel justice has been done.

    He forgets he went down owing £100K and that he took that stock he had not paid for and started to sell it as another company and then the suppliers would not sell to him again (imagine that?) and as for all his staff leaving him, er well you do when you were made redundant. Oh and according to some of them I spoke to they had not received any money and was awaiting the state payment which for some would be less than they were owed. Maybe that's why they did not come to work, as they had no work to go to?

    My only surprise is that some folks are feeling sorry for him!