Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Baccus ECW Guns

I am really getting back into the English Civil War, not just the wargame side but the social history and beyond. I'm not exactly short of material to read, given the size of my 17th Century collection. So the fact that Peter at Baccus is a ECW buff is more than just a bonus. He bravely insisted that the infantry were not sculptured wearing soft brimmed hats as the felt hat as we know it did not make it into England in any kind of numbers till after the Civil wars and whose that were in the country were expensive and just worn by the rich. So all ranges are at fault. I do believe some sort of brimmed hat was available due to the evidence of wood cuts and the like but felt hats they were not. Most troops would have worn what these days are called benny hats or some form of the Spanish peaked mountain cap or Monterio as it was known at the time. Personally I think the benny hat would have massively outnumbered the Monterio due to the  amount of work that would go into the production of a Monterio and as such the greater cost.

Anyway I digress, here we have two field pieces for my 6mm ECW Oxford army. The crew for the most part are dressed in civilian clothing as all but the master gunner would be only one stage removed from drovers and camp attendants. 

As you can see the only splash of colour is the gun crews officer. I painted them up in blue or red as this is for my Oxford army. I do have another six guns which is probably as many as I will ever need as I don't want to have a grand battery or such. In fact under the rules I am toying with these things will never be ones for killing men as much as effecting morale. The quality of gunpowder and understanding of ballistics at this time was much removed from that of the Napoleonic period though growth in understanding was rapid post the civil war period. 

It's a good job I have the bug mind as I have a few regiments to paint and in a few scales. First the 6mm stuff to the tune of two army packs which I am working my way through. I am also going to be doing Lee's 6mm, that's another two Baccus army packs, of yes seriously. It makes the three regiments of 15mm for Matt look a drop in the ocean, which it is, especially as I am half way through the first regiment but then again I still have one of my own to paint and will buy more 15mm of my own to grow and replace some of my 15mm I already have. Not satisfied? how about another scale then. I have agreed to also paint up some 10mm ECW which I am sure Lee will be happy to hear (NOT) given I said I wanted to go down the 6mm route as 10mm would be as much bother as 15mm. Seems like I will find out if I am right.

So can my poor followers just expect a long series of posts on ECW and 6mm Napoleonic's? Er no don't worry, all other projects will continue to be brought before you. I really want to get some of the other 15mm Ancients finished and those Romans won't paint themselves and I have a three figure diorama I am itching to get to grips with. Unfortunately painting time is now reduced but what you will get is diversity.

One last point, the giveaway for the new Baccus French Napoleonic figures has another five days to go so if you want a chance to get a whopping 25% off you better get to the previous post and get your name down.


  1. Damn nice they are too gosh its so hard to believe that these are 6mil

  2. More great work Ian; it's a period I really think I should know more about, perhaps a future distraction?

  3. Thanks guys, just about finished the 15mm versions of these, maybe tonight.