Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 11 May 2014

25th Reserve Line Regiment Adler Prussians.

1st Battalion 25th Reserve
Got back to the Prussian's again, these are Adler and from the original mail bomb I ordered about two years ago. I actually have a lot of Landwehr and a good number of Reserve Battalions, though from here it's mostly going to be Landwehr, both Adler and Baccus as I have loads but still have about 21 Battalions to paint up so I might be looking forward to finishing them off.

2nd Battalion
This regiment is really interesting to paint as 1st and 2nd Battalions have black uniforms whilst the 2rd has the typical Prussian Blue colour. Again I did not have the 25th Regiments flags but I did have some that were white only. This allowed me to add the green and orange to the flags to give me the correct colours.

3rd Battalion
Typical with Adler the figures were packed in detail and well posed. The cleaning up was not too bad as well, though I had selected the figures with care out of what was available from my supply. 

25th Reserve Regiment
As you can see I have put two Battalions in Column and one in three ranks line as it was the only way to get all of the figures on the base. I could have managed two ranks if I had cut each figure off the 4 figure bases but that is really fiddly. 

1st & 2nd Battalions
This is the last Reserve Regiment I will be painting for some time. Probably for well over a year as I need no more for the Waterloo game and when I am finished with all the French and Prussians for Waterloo I will be moving onto either Polish or Spanish, well as it stands I will.

These three battalions are a mix of two different packs as some have a backpack and blanket roll whilst others have the iconic wrapped blanket diagonal over the body.

Here you can see how I mixed them in, separating them into two's to break up the clumps of each type of figure. It was fun to get back to doing some Adler Infantry which is a good job given the amount of them I have in my collection awaiting a slap of paint.

I tried a new way of painting this time, as two of the three were wearing black I used black primer and found to my surprise I could work that way. I have since started work on three Prussian cavalry regiments with the same approach. I like it but won't move 100% over for 6mm but it sure speeds up the process and in this case I think helped make them look better so what'snot to like.

Only the 3rd Battalion had the red and white shoulder pads on the drummer so I did not have to go through to much trauma LOL. Anyway that's another three battalions done, and another 24 needed for the Prussians and 20 for the French, if I can get three of each done a month I will be able to take a breather at the end. It's a bit sobering to realise that in a years time we will be laying out the troops on the table ready to kick off the battle. Funny but it seemed sooo far away when we started and now it's knocking on the door, still lots to do though.


  1. Now we like hose Ian, bravo Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael, just getting to the end of some Prussian Cavalry, will be finished before the week is out


  2. Very nice, mate !


    1. Thanks Stefan, just got to brace myself for all the Landwehr I need to get done now



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