Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 26 May 2014

Prussian Adler Ulan's Project Waterloo

Apologies for the lack of posts this last week, been really busy with work and the painting and blogging monkey has been hiding somewhere. I had started three French Battalions and did not have the energy or drive to do much, I did try a couple of times but just did not have the urge so put the brush down and read instead. I am happy to report that I got back at it again Saturday and worked deep into the French though yesterday was a all day ASL playtest so my son spent the day painting his Saga Anglo-Danes :-)

I did have these fellows finished though, just not photographed and I wanted natural light. Here we have two Ulan Regiments for my growing Prussians.

These are the 1st Ulan's of IV Corp 1st Cavalry Brigade and these finish off the 1st Brigade with only four more Landwehr regiments of Cavalry to finish off all the cavalry for IV Corp. I still have 22 battalions of Infantry to paint for this Corp as it is the one that has had little done, so will feature heavily in the coming months.

Again these are Adler figures as all of my cavalry are for the Prussians. I changed my method this time as I sprayed them black and was rather surprised how well the colours came out on the black. The horses especially seemed to benefit from the black base. Best of all the painting was faster on a black base, expect to see more of this style, especially on the cavalry.

This regiment had a detachment of mounted Jagger's who seem to have also carried Lances with a green and white pennant rather than the dark blue and white. I like the addition of the two green painted figures on the end of the line, who said painting Prussians has to be boring?

Next up is the 3rd Ulan's part of I Corp 1st Cavalry Brigade and finishes off this Corp. Well I have to assign four guns and two limbers already painted to them i.e. base them. I still would need to do another fourteen battalions mixed over line, reserve and Landwehr to complete the Corp's for the sake of completeness but these are not needed for Waterloo so will be done some time after the big game.

Here they are charging past a French gun's wheel, hopefully not a portent of things to come when we play the game! It is kind of strange painting up such a large force knowing it will not be me playing with them. At least they will get future play with me in command.

The close up shows these figures to be very well detailed and this time were not too bad on the cleaning up. Dark blue and yellow for the pennants this time but no Jagger's this time.

I guess this will be the only time you will see the two regiments together given they fight in two different Corp's but maybe in other battles they are side by side. 

I have the cavalry for both the Prussians and the French well in hand for Waterloo and expect to have them all finished before this year is through. Same with the Artillery which I have still to base up the Prussian gun's I bought painted at Blog-Con 1. I have ten guns and four limbers to base up in total and one command stand, once these are done I will have based up all the bought figures I will need for Waterloo from the bought figures just leaving the Poles, Early French and Brunswick's to be based all of which will wait for when I have spare time.

Command for the Prussians is another matter as I have finished just a few bases but I have almost finished five bases worth so that will help. As for the whole project I feel I am in a good position to get my quota done on time. I plan to have a few mega sessions when I paint up large chunks in one go which will make break the back of the infantry. I will paint up nine Baccus Landwehr Battalions which will not be the majority of what's left but I will follow that up again with Adler a couple of months later.

As for the French I should get the new Baccus Waterloo French within the month, I plan to paint up three Battalions to show them off as soon as I can then I will paint up the other nine straight after. I will also paint up three of the new greatcoat infantry with the Waterloo ones but the other nine can wait as I will probably not paint these up for Waterloo but other battles. This will just about finish off the French infantry, just need a few more so I can turn my attention to finishing off the Prussians. 

Lee has started work on the boards and these look to be ready in plenty of time and we may get a few chances to play a few scenarios on board sections to see how the space works for us.


  1. Nice looking Prussians Ian. I know what it's like when the painting monkey vanished. Like you I find that the best thing to do is put the brushes down and read for a while instead.

    1. Well I am glad to say it's back again, hoping to get a good session in tonight


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    1. Thanks again, got one more to show you


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    1. Cheers Michael, really nice figures to work with