Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Painted these up a couple of weeks ago but only did the finishing touches last week. These will be some of the bad guys the party will be coming across in a game session or two in the near future dependant on how they fare in the next session.

The tough guy who will be used as a leader IF the party get to come across a larger group of Orc's. His whip is of course is enchanted making it a fire whip. I am guessing that the odd heat critical could be delivered. Best stay out of his way. The original figure was missing it's sword so I drilled a hole into his fist and added a length of barbed wire. After priming in black just painted the yellow and red (adding both whilst the other was wet) to mix in a bit of fire. Added the smoke effect once fully painted, yet more toy stuffing nicked off the wife.

The lot all together, I wonder if the party can manage eight tough orcs at once? These were meant to be a quick paint so got treated to a black primer followed by dry brush of steel varying in amount based on the part of the figure. The black grey painted over the cloths and hair. I used red leather for the flesh and then went over that with Chestnut Brown ink to get a orc flesh colour I liked.

Two of the three polearmed troops needed conversion. The one on the left I added a blade as the spear point had broken off whilst the one in the centre was a present from Jonathan from The Inevitable Spark. His blog is still worth a good look at and he is back after a break brought to us by Real-Life.Com. Jonathan gave me a mixed box of Fantasy figures all of which will find use here at some point. The figure originally was carrying a standard and I thought I could make use of him with a big spear instead. I simply removed the Hand from the end and filed to a point. I also put the figure on a MDP resin base as the feet were at different heights and this was perfect for the job.

I really like the figure as he is that bit different from the plastic older figures (he is a GW Lord of the Rings metal). His base sets him apart from the others but that's OK as the other seven orcs I have on the painting table bases don't match either.

The distinctive swords on this figures really shout LOTR films at you and seem perfect for orc's. Certainly better than the oversized swords that are almost the only other option these days. The large amounts of armour and skin make a great contrast to each other with little details like leather straps being less obvious until you take a closer look. I really like these old figures.

I wanted the shields to look metal without the look of shiny, this meant going easy on the metal colour and I was pleased with the final look. I wanted these to look brutal, mean and ready for a scrap time will tell if they are up for the challenge.

This is my favourite pose, he is leaning in and I could see him as part of a large group trying to force the orcs in front through a shield wall or maybe just on his own trying to force a door open so as to be able to chop up an adventurer into little bits.

Another view of him. I painted these up on rural bases as they will be most used in the wilds I think. At the moment though they are outside the city trying to get in, but that is another adventure.

Another good sword pose, I have to say that GW really did a great range when they did these plastic orcs and the goblins that went with them. I also have some of these to paint up and will do so in the next month or so.

Final shot of the old lad with that whip, just got to love an orc with an attitude. Just four days to go till Triples and whilst for the most part I know what I am going for I will still look for a few other figures, especially old Fantasy figures that will go with the campaign I am already running. It's very possible that I could add something to a campaign just based on seeing a single figure.


  1. Who doesn't like some Urak-Hai or otherwise known as the good guys!

  2. Love what you've done there Ian - that whip looks awesome.

  3. "Nice" orcs !
    the one with the fire weapon is excellent !
    Unusual skin colour but it's a good idea : I'm also tired of green orcs !

  4. Nice job Ian, I like your conversions, the whip is a cool idea :-)

  5. Great looking bunch of Orcs.

  6. Great work there and it is good to see Orcs

  7. There are orcs in some of Tim's games, too.

    1. No half decent fantasy game should be without them LOL


  8. @ Tamsin, Thanks, can't have too many orcs LOL

    @ Fran, I love orc's. Always know where you are with em.

    @ Michael, cheers, did enjoy the whip guy

    @ Sam, I wanted to move away from comic book style and always struggled with the brownish colour

    @ Scott, The whip is the best of the lot, the polearm would have been better with a used scaple blade or something ;-)

    @ Kiwi, glad you like them

    @ Panzer, thanks, I have another seven on the desk part done so will be finished at some point soon