Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Triples '14 Swag, A Tale of Two Spenders

As mentioned two posts ago I took my son to Triples. First let me thank everyone who took time to make him welcome. To a seven year old longlegs actually showing real interest in them is a big deal and he is positively straining to get to another show.

First stop was Baccus to grab some of the last new French Napoleonic cavalry that has been released so far. Others are in the pipeline for later this year but these have been out a few months so I wanted to pick them up and get started on them. These are Lancers and Elite Light Cavalry. I need two bases of the latter for the Quatre Bras game even if they may yet not get to be used. These will hit the painting table next month and it's a bit scary to consider that the following month it's Joy of Six and my first display game.

Peter also gave me a stand of figures that for now I will keep to myself but will reveal in about a week so stay tuned. I also got a run down of the French release schedule and if all works out well we should see something new in the next 2-4 weeks and other items following at a reasonable pace through the rest of the year. It is possible we will see the whole range finished this year, exciting stuff.

Next stop was Warbases where I picked up enough 60x60mm bases for 80 Battalions of infantry. Not that I will be using them for just this purpose as I also base single and double buildings on this base size as well. At the back is another 24 bases for my Sniper Reminders, all told the most expensive spend of the day but I have been told that consumables do not count so I guess that means it's the cheapest shop of the day LOL

Three Battalions of Adler Prussian Line Infantry and one regiment of Dragoons. This see's the last of my purchases for the Prussians until Project Waterloo is finished. Not the same can be said for the French who I will still be getting another 24-36 Battalions of infantry before the dust settles.

A late on purchase was a set of Shield Transfers as now it seems I am building a SAGA force as Lee and my son happen to be!!! At least I have the start up figures for it in the box of Hirdmen Matt traded for painting figures. I just think they will be better with these slapped on them.

Not shown is a single pot of paint and the Warbases Saga measure set and tokens that I also bought as I happened to be on the stand at the end. Certainly a much lower spend than normal. Well until you know that my daughter was at a party that afternoon and had had two new dresses and a pair of shoes for it (two????) so I was kind of matching my wife's spend to be fair, on the understanding he did not just grab stuff.

He had some money of his own and wanted this Baccus 6mm House, he loves to see me painting buildings but I think he wants to do this one himself.

He also wanted some cowboys, these Dixon's don't have shotguns though. I should have two on foot that will match them from my stash. I bought the mule for him to go with them, always useful these.

At lunch after looking around a lot of stands I asked what did he want troop wise. English said he, so Lee immediately saw an opening and said, Anglo Danes then, and that friends is how the SAGA diversion was cemented. I had already met up with Loki and Gary Amos but bumped into Gary again. We had been looking for some Danes, asked Gary if he knew were any where and he replied yes my loft!

So with a very kind heart Gary has offered to send him some through the post but as a 7 year old likes to see his metal in his hand at the end of the show I bought him a pack of twelve to get him started, these are second hand from Colonel Bills and are Renegade Miniatures.

Kev from Kev's Cabin fame gave him a limited edition figure from a rule book he had just bought for his leader of his Danes and by chance whilst I was buying the Saga templates he got himself one of the Warbases new figures, a dog which will go on the base with his leader.

He also bought a few odd items just because and overall he had a great day. He did me proud as he was so often forced to stand waiting whilst I spoke to friends but he behaved well and just occasionally asked if we could move on, no moaning, no pouting just a good lad. We did get a game in, predictably a cowboy game and it would have been great to go back again but maybe just maybe we will be at Partisan in two weeks.


  1. Looks and sounds like you both had a blast!!!

  2. Well done to the lad, and Dad as well!

  3. Aha, a budding lead-mountaineer in the making. You should be proud :)

    That's a great loot haul Ian.

  4. Great haul, Ian! I've been to a couple of cons, but the best ones were the ones my kids went to with me. They even got the lion share of the purchases! My girls even scored freebies from vendors and one got to hold a three up of a griffon! I'm almost jealous of the star treatment they got! ;)

  5. Starting the mountain young.. Good lad. Sounds like a grand dat out wa has. Might see you at Partizan then.

  6. A great day out for all and some fine swag to remember the day by - superb!

  7. That's one hell of a haul!

  8. Nice haul. Do keep us up-dated on the boy's progress!