Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Building of the Week - Leven Monastery

With all the talk (and an actual game) involving the Peninsular I have been motivated to paint a few more buildings for this area. This week I present CHU10 Mediterranean Monastery costing £4.50 One of the larger buildings that Leven produce.

 I went with a fairly basic finish using off white to cut back on the possible glare. This building comes with standard tiles rather than the terracotta style most of the other Iberian buildings come with. Having looked at a fair few images for inspiration I am glad to say this is not unusual with these buildings.

There is not a wealth of detail that you tend to get with Leven though it does have a few interesting features such as the fascia in the top image and this domed section near the base of the tower.

The tower is supposed to be mostly open which is hard to carry off with so much area that you can really only paint out black. On the table when in the background it does blend in batter than when it's the focal point of the picture.

The tower comes as a loose section that you fix on, this allows you to shorten the tower by a level or even replace with a scratch built tower if your skills stretch to that.

Scale wise it looks a little small to me, I have used a Leven three story house as a reference point. To do it real justice it would need to be quite a bit larger so I can see why Mike is happy to keep it scaled down a little, at least this way it does not take over the table when you game with it. Lee and myself have a number of scenarios we will be able to get use out of it so keep an eye out for it.

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