Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday Quiz 14

Another five questions as it's Friday already.

1. What was the family connection between Nero and his predecessor Emperor Claudius?

2. How many times did Lord Uxbridge have a horse shot from under him during the battle of Waterloo?

3. How long did the shortest known war in history last?

4. What was the youngest recorded age of a British Soldier in WWI?

5. Which country has the lowest military spending per head of population currently?

I don't expect anyone to get all the questions right this week as it's got a few tough ones but the answers are rather interesting.

And the answers are:-

1. Emperor Claudius was his adopted father and grand uncle.

2. There is some confusion to the exact number but eight to nine is the most quoted.

3. Britain and Zanzibar in 1896 with Zanzibar surrendering after 38 minutes.

4. Sidney Lewis was just 12 when he signed up, just shows how immoral the recruiting really was.

5. Iceland has no military or military spending.


  1. Claudius was Nero's Uncle
    Anglo-Zambesi War which lasted half about. A British ship shelled the town and the palace and they surrendered

    1. Two correct and one just off, not bad sir.


  2. Nero was Claudius' step son,
    Anglo Zambesi - less than an hour, although for pedantry UK vs Finland in WW2 was 4 years but no shots were fired so that must count somewhat
    Costa Rica - no army, no enemies and not on the way to anywhere important. Might move there sounds fab

  3. 1. Uncle and step-father/nephew and step-son
    3. One Minute. Fifteen Seconds. Five one-hundreths. All because of a spilt cup of tea and a cream bun falling into the lap of one dignitaries lap, and a slow to be forthcoming apology from the ham-fisted podger who dropped them.
    Or I may just be making the above up, as I don't know!
    Actually I did know - as I like stuff about Zanzibar.

    5. Somewhere daft, like San Marino

    1. I am hoping the bit about the bun was a joke :-)


  4. 1. Uncle/nephew?
    2. Loads - more than half a dozen?
    3. UK - Zanzibar 189somethin'
    4. Some 12 year old (?) kid at the Somme
    5. No idea, but I bet it'll be one of the African states.

    1. You continue to get a good score my friend,