Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Quiz 14

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Another week is drawing to an end, they seem to be flashing past!

1. Name the Tudor Ship that hardly made it out of the harbour before sinking?

2. How many years was the Hundred Years War?

3. What year was the Peninsular war battle of Salamancia?

4. Sometimes described as the world's first machine gun, the Puckle Gun, invented in 1718 by London Lawyer James Puckle had what additional novel feature?

5. What sex related reward was offered by the CIA to Afghan tribal leaders for information on al-Qaida and the Taliban?

OK a few different ones this time, hope you have fun with them

1. Mary Rose and my apologies as I thought she had only just been made and not as was the fact a seasoned veteran.

2. 116 years, not such a catchy name I suppose.

3. 22nd July 1812, by this time Napoleon was on his way to his greatest disaster.

4. It's ability to fire round or square bullets. Round for good but  slightly adrift Christians and square for the rest so as to cause greater wounds and pain and we call them heathens?

5. That little blue pill, Viagra, you really could not make this stuff up LOL


  1. 1. Mary Rose
    2. 116
    3. 1812
    4. (had to look up) It had a removable manually-revolving cylinder; or that it was the first gun to have a patent describing what it was meant to do
    5. (had to look up) Viagra

    1. I will give you 4 and a half as your right but I wanted the bullet info


  2. 1. HMS Driftwood
    2. A fair few

    Gregorian: MDCCCXII
    Armenian: 1261
    Assyrian: 6562
    British Regnal year: 52 Geo. 3 - 53 Geo. 3
    Eithiopian: 1804 - 1805
    Hebrew: 5572 - 5573
    Japanese: Bunka 9
    Korean: 4145

    4. A religious incentive
    5. I shall keep my answer to myself

    1. As to my "religious incentive", see below.

      Squared ones made bigger holes!

  3. I agree with Tamsin on most counts, except the Puckle gun. The exchangeable feature allowed it to fire round bullets at Christians and cubes at Muslims.

    I also dispute the slur on the Mary Rose, which served for 35 years before her loss.
    Cheers, Peter

    1. You picked up on my mistake, I reckon you deserve six points this week


  4. I thought I was doing quite well at the start, but fell away at the end and had to look them up. Claiming a paltry 2 this week.

  5. Michael and I scored the same this week.

  6. Gosh you chaps know a lot of stuff, I think I managed two too

    1. Amazes me the depth and range of knowledge that we keep seeing every week