Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 23 April 2012

Kardrakes Are Go!!!

Kardrakes Looking For Trouble

WRG 6th gave me 100 Kardrakes, that is 100 JLS/Bow armed troops that really rocked. 4 Units (2 x 24 and 2 x 26) and it was rare that I did not field them when I played. But under FoG these are replaced by a far more sedate Crescent Shielded Medium Infantry armed just with a spear. Now looking at the army list it's fair to bemoan the general loss of missile troops. I mean this is a Persian army it's supposed to be stuffed with bow armed troops but in reality you really don't get much and I think the main reason the Kardrakes became bowless was that they would be so very tough. I kept the odd bow firing troop in the mix to keep the original look even though the new army only allows 72 figures so I plan to rebase the rest and off to E-Bay they will go.

What An Ugly Lot
Originally painted in the late 80's I think. A mix of Essex, Museum Miniatures and Chariot. I really like the mixed look of the whole unit. I still have some more to rebase for this army and the ones I will sell. I also gave them a quick wash in Devlan Mud whilst I have some left. Again Cath took the photo and she has done well including the vines in the background.

Ready For Battle
Not as well painted as I would do in this day and age but if I remember rightly I was rushing them to get them ready for a game in the hope that the extra firepower would give me an edge. Looking now and seeing the bow cases straps unpainted I blush with embarrassment.

Lost in the Grapes.
Rather than wait for the next battle I thought I would take the opportunity to show off the vineyard in this photo shoot. Not sure if these guys are waiting in ambush or waiting for a tipple. Lee popped over last week and said rather nice things about the vineyards so once I have eaten more grapes I will be back into production.

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  1. indeed your rebasing looks good, and using your vineyard is a really good idea