Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 22 April 2012

No Salute, But It Did Not Stop Me.

Me Bitter? Twisted? Need you ask? Well having never been to Salute I really don't know what I am missing which possibly is a good thing. I think most of all I would have liked to meet up with fellow bloggers but maybe next year etc etc.

What I did manage to do though was spend a bit of money and commit some more. Both to a new project mentioned recently, that of my 1/72 Numedian army.

Yes I know what your thinking, Dacian? Why Dacian. Well being plastic they convert rather easier than metal and I plan to do a fair bit of cutting and gluing until these Dacian's look more like Numedian Light Infantry. I bought two boxes and these are the first edition before the re-tooling  and are supposed to be superior to the new versions. Each box was just under £5 with free postage from Drum and Flag. The rest of the basic army will run to about £25 and I will use the Romans I already own as Roman Deserters so total cost for a whole army will be about £45 and will be based for Impetus. The biggest challenge once painted will be learning how to fight with it as it's got a lot of light troops! I fancy playing at Maelstrom Games to take advantage of the larger tables!

I have to admit to being rather excited now that I have started to get it together and with some of the units being very basic in dress they should paint up really quickly, but I have said that before. My only issue is how to glue the riders to their mounts, after all I have a mass of glues but none of them like medium consistency plastic. Anyone want to help me out here?

Of course there is also the new TYW/ECW 15mm/10mm project waiting in the wings, Triples will hopefully help with the final decisions on that one but I don't plan to just sit back and wait. I plan to rebase at least one foote regiment in 15mm to see what it looks like. Ideally I would like to stick to 15mm as this would mean far less work but ironically could work out costing much more which is a issue given the £££ situation right now.

Well I am close to finishing off my Japanese Sniper Reminders, the figures were finished last night after painting them on and off through the afternoon and evening. Just need varnishing and then on to basing which is a fairly large task in itself. Then it's on to the Australians. After that I plan to major on figures for me for awhile as it seems that I am missing out on painting my armies.


  1. Dacian's are awesome in FOG. Falxmen with double-handed cutty weapon = huge holes in opposition lines.

  2. Who needs Salute when you have the power of the internet at your fingers? A great looking diversion.

  3. This should be really interesting, you would have hated Salute!

  4. Dacian's and FOG, only issue I hae is they won't be Dacian or FOG, oh well LOL. Will be using them as Javalin and Bow armer troops so in the case of any Falxmen I will be removing the sword and replacing with JLS

    Yes Rather looking forward to the Diversion, not that I need another but the Roman's I painted up last year really needed somewhere to go so it's great to have a fit for them. I still need to do the Roman Cav I have already bought.

    Hated Salute, I very much doubt it, really looking forward to Triples in about 4 weeks though my shopping list will be a bit sparce though will be looking at the 20mm metal Numidians to see if they fit in


  5. Love the Dacians, had a few in 15mm once upon a time??? Shame you missed Salute, but I'm sure you'll make up for it at Triples!!

  6. any quite right - no slacking for you !


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