Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

20mm Numidian Infantry for Impetus

Got these finished off Monday night but no chance to get Cath to do the pics until today as I had the table set up for a few game of ASL for yesterday and only cleared it back this morning. I have a total of nine units with a minimum of 8 required so it's possible I will do a few more at a later date. Now all I need to do is the Elephant unit, Roman light horse (deserters) unit and at some point get round to the skirmish elements. I have three command stands painted but just need the bases from Warbases to arrive which were ordered on Saturday so should land in the next day or three.

Here is the first six units. I have based 6 figures to the base as they are lights. My Roman Axilia are based 12 to a base which was er..... full.

This time I added more bits to the bases, discarded shields and spears, the odd bit of tree, oh and the odd dead body.

Having already thrown down his shield as he ran away to speed up his progress he still seems to have not ran fast enough.  The figure was a spare from my Roman box. Just cut him off the base and shaved his side away at an angle so he would roll onto his left knee. The only limb not touching the grass is his left hand, this I have added a bit of blood so that it looks like before dying he had touched the wound.

For balance sake I also killed one of my guys. I had to do a bit of arm bending etc. to get the dead pose about right. Shaved a chunk off the back as well to get him to lie flat.  Many of the figures where possible have had arms bent into new positions etc to give a more varied range of poses. A standing version of the dead dude had his shield cut away from his body and arm bent so that the shield is in front of him. Overall very happy with what I achieved.

This Roman was quick on his feet!! Fighting for the Empire seems to have lost it's attraction, got to be worth a few mods in the game  ;-)

It's hard to see here but the spear has been glued just as it hits the grass between the feet of one of my men. So the Romans also are poor shots, that's another dice off their shooting quantity, looks like I have a chance...........

I felt a mix of Numidian based and Carthaginian designed shields as these guys had fought under Carthage and it's quite reasonable that they would get to either take some of that kit or reproduce it when home. Besides it gave me a lot more choices given that all 60+ figures have a shield! The Goddess Nubia features a fair bit which from the research I did is about right.

It was a fair bit of fun coming up with some of the shields but the overall result breaks up the units even more so you get that irregular loose look I wanted.

I also added a few Zebra skin covered shields for effect. The guy in the middle shield design came up a lot on the searches. Not sure the meaning of the arrows with the two different sized circles are supposed to mean.

I also added grape stalks as fallen trees to some of the bases (left to dry for 2-3 months minimum) these I have had 6+ months and look to be the perfect answer to the scenic requirement as they work from 6mm to 28mm based on the use and part of the stem used. Also I went with lush meadows rather than the barren look as at this point in time Africa was still a green and pleasant land (well Numidia was anyway).

Still plenty of guys with goat skin covered shields in this lot. I have a few units of just goat skin shields with others mixed in with the other shield types.

This is the shield I am most proud of. It took a number of attempts. Such a simple design but you need to get it just right or it looks crap. This is for one of the command stands so still is glossy from the army painter (did not put AP on any of the shields).

I would say sorry for being picture heavy but I would be telling fibs, besides Cath took 61 pics so I had to use some of them!


  1. More great work Ian; I really love the dolphin shield design, very impressive.

  2. Very nice, love all the different shield designs!

  3. very nice figs, do you post them on the HaT website?

  4. Thanks guys, I had not planned on doing so but after your question Gowan I indeed sent them for them to publish.