Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Impetus Command Stands

OK I know Impetus does not use command stands, the commander is with the unit, but that's how Barry and I roll. I wanted to take advantage of other blogs ideas and one that I liked and has been done in a fair few places was round command stands. Now I was not going to cut a roundish one out so had to order some from Warbases. These arrived on Friday so I quickly set to. I still need to varnish them (later today) and then they will be added to the boxes waiting for the army to be completed. I have five more bases with plans to make two more bases up when I do more troops.

You have seen these guys recently, but now they are finished! I thought the base was going to be a little bit to small but in the end i think it looks just right.

I like the flow of the figures and felt they painted up without any trouble or stress. The detail is nice and crisp, just look at the grain in the shield.

I know you have seen Mr. Dolphin before but here he is in all his glory supported by his bodyguard.

The last Command base and rather colourful shields they all have. The last two command stands be a Elephant and a Light Horse, this should give me a nice mix. It also gives me three spare round bases which I have already got a few ideas for.

It's been a week of getting really. The HaT light horse I got a few weeks back that had the wrong items in (each had just the one correct sprue) had the replacements delivered. I asked to keep back the two correct sprues and sent back just the wrong ones. The E-bay shop has sent me full boxes back in replacement which was very nice. These being GB Models, Liverpool. I fully recommend them as they were great and quick with their response's and were quick to offer to pay postage cost to me (not required as the box remained unfranked).  I also got 16 WWII figures from Black Tree Design so I need to get busy with these sometime soon.


  1. Fabulous; love the shield designs.

  2. I'm still well impressed by the Dolphin shield design Ian.

  3. Thanks guys, I am rather proud of the Dolphin, not as good as the faces on the Pike shields but I really enjoyed getting to the result.