Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Uncles and Pups the irony

The latest ASL goodness to come my way from MMP was Festung Budapest several months ago. A rather late Christmas present. The irony? I played the first scenario from it with James my American Football playing freak of a nephew. Scenario title obviously was Uncles and Pups. Cath my wife commented after the game had finished more like Nephew's and Pups, yep I had lost. But as Cath had said, she knew we were having fun from all the laughter and crys of disbelief. I think only ASL can deliver so much entertainment as it has so many different possible situations that can be thrown up. In this scenario we had Ammo Shortage, No Quarter and Booby Traps all in play via Special Scenario Rules. It was (as many city fights are) extremely bloody, take a look at the dead piles displayed per half turn.

That's more than half the units in play, and to make matters worse, all I had left in the game were broken! I was so handed my ass on a plate. James has played ASL now for about three years and has just finished a long break whilst he was doing a heavy load of coursework. I will get my revenge!! Maybe next week?

The map of FB is a real work of art, we used less than half of one mapsheet and it comes with four connecting sheets that are required for the campaign. Maybe next time  ;-)

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