Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I Have Been Busy

Remember about ten days ago when I said glibly "Should take me about ten days to do the Numidians?" Err well I think that was about ten days ago but whilst they are close to being finished they ain't. At the moment they are sitting knee deep in flock. Possibly later today I will do a little touch up flocking where it failed to take hold (usually the edges), then it's tufting and a few extra bits which I hope to do by end of Monday. Frankly I am surprised I got that far, given the FTF game of ASL on Monday last week and the Skype game of ASL again on Wednesday I have had a lot to distract me. Add to this at the time I had not bothered to count the number I was painting. Turns out I had pulled out sixty three Numidians and one Roman! A little more than expected. At least it means with just a few more units I will be battle ready, well before the dark nights target I had set myself. These are so close you can all wait for pick of them LOL.

But as I have been mistaken for someone with a heart a couple of times here is a couple of picks on what I have been working on between sessions of 20mm figures.

No you dolls head, I have NOT painted that lot in the last 10 days. This is the rest of my English Civil War foote and four of the Cavalry that so far I have prised off their original bases and re-based for FoG:R. Just waiting to be given an ink wash, flocking and tufts. Once that is done I still need to re-base at least four more horse, two units of dragoons and about four guns, a couple of camps and then I am good to go to try out the rules. Most of the units will be e-bay bound whatever we decide to do once we have had a go, better cast figures, better painting and quite possibly a different scale.

Here we have a shot from above for a more telling view. Cath is being rather patient given I at this moment have two painting stations on the go (especially as I am not at either of them!)

At the moment I am discussing the pro's and cons of FoG V Impetus. It's a bit like two blind guys searching for enlightenment given that I have played Impetus 4 times and not read the rules never mind own them and Barry has just recently got FoG rules but yet to play it. He is keen to try the FoG rules but I fear it may well be just to prove his Impetus rules are superior to my FoG. I of course look forward to Barry playing them if only to have the scales removed from his eyes  ;-)

In fairness to both Barry and myself we are discussing the rules and what we like about each set rather than defending to the dice our set. It's been fun seeing the misconceptions Barry has come up with in a few cases, especially the ones I had prior to play. One thing we both agree on fully is the horrendous order the rules have been thrown together. it really helps f at least one of you has a good knowledge of the rules when it comes to a game. Given the number of copies on e-bay at about £5 it's obvious they are getting ditched by plenty, but for what is the question? I struggle to accept it's for Impetus.


  1. Busy!? That´s not´s a huge amount!!! well done.

  2. You obviously think I'll have a 'road to Damascus' moment,- well maybe I will. If we both agree about everything we'll have nothing to talk about -LOL.

  3. You obviously think I'll have a 'road to Damascus' moment,- well maybe I will. If we both agree about everything we'll have nothing to talk about -LOL.

  4. Sounds like you've been a busy boy and had a lot of fun along the way! I bought FoG when they first came out, they are a little complicated!

  5. That's a lot in my book Ian, good fecking heartless work!

  6. Well the Numidians are finished now. Still got over half the ECW to wash then flock. Hope to get it done in the next two days



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