Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 6 July 2012

DIY Hedges

Nothing new or earth shattering as I am sure many of you will have done this at some point, but here is my 6mm hedges. Again I am working on the cheap so I got the wife to get me a pack of ASDA Chosen By You heavy duty scourers and rushed these off.

6mm Figures and building for scale. 8 sections use up less than half a scourer (they come in a pack of five). I simply glued to a piece of plasicard and slapped green paint on it (German field grey or German green work well). Then I glue some brown flock at irregular intervals under the hedge. Once dried add the green flock to the rest of the base and your done for the basic job.

The only extra work I did was add a tree to one hedge but smart cookies may wish to add flock to the scourer as well to hide the more obvious manufactured look, though a bit of dry brushing could also help.

It is better to run the hedge slightly longer than the base or you get these gaps that make it look rather less attractive.

I also based and flocked a few trees whilst I was at it. Had them years and years just stuck on bits of card looking crap, now at least they look like they are supposed to be on the table.

A nice comparison shot. I have to admit for the effort to result this is well on the right side and I will make up the rest of the pack between other project. I also added some of the 2mm tufts to the base for that bit extra.

I just included this pic as I like the shot! I should be painting up some more of the Baccus French before the Baccus day but that's just a few weeks time now so I better hurry up if I am to manage it.


  1. Genius! What a great idea Sir.

  2. They do work well Ian, nice work.

  3. Well your welcome to steal them, after all I did in the first place.

    For 15 and 20mm you need to use them lengthwise (these are done the width)