Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Peloponnesian War Turn 1

I have started to play this Victory Games Classic the way it's meant to be played. Solo. For those that do not know, The Peloponnesian War is a turn based Solo game of Greek vr's Greek between 431BC and 402BC pitting Sparta against Athens. You as the real player start play controlling the Athenians (the green). Sparta (red) turn a minor rebellion into a reason for war and attack Athens. From here the war spirals to an all out affair where your task is to end on the winning side. The problem is the better you do the higher chance you have of changing sides and end up controlling the other faction. White cities are neutral but often come into play for one side or the other. Random events bring this about. I have fond memories of this game and have planned playing again for some time. Given that a VASL module exists I would be foolish not to take advantage of it. So another short mini series will be my progress (or lack their of) will be reported here. Thanks has to go to Sgt Steiner for the get off my backside boost after he started his excellent VASL game of another board game.

The game starts with the rebellion of Potidaea with my having a army of Hoplites and Cavalry (with Trimarines)in position to crush it. The first actual action of the game is an attack from Sparta on Athens. It is possible the attack will fall somewhere else. In this case Athens was the actual target. Each Athenian allied city passed through on the march to Athens will be ravaged unless I intercept the force. Out of the two possible cites I only get one ravaged. Well the best tactic the Athenian player can take is the systematic ravaging of as many Spartan Cities as I can manage. So of course that is the rout I went for. A cool 10 cities were damaged in this way. This will hit Sparta had come tax assessment phase towards the end of the turn. Sparta has to pass on taking a second action as he lacks the troops to do another major assault. I on the other hand have leaders, troops and money aplenty so a quick check with the Gods and I'm good to go. Unfortunately the leader (Thrasyblus) is intercepted and prevented from leaving Athens to collect the fleet. Another check with the Gods and off I go again, this time Piraeus makes it out, collects some of the fleet he wants to use on a second raiding mission but gets intercepted losing a fleet on the way. I get to the final staging city, arm up with extra troops and ships and off ravaging I go. A total of twelve cities ravaged by me at this stage, another would be ravaged before my troops went home whilst I captured another and put down my rebellion. The siege of Athens was short lived and turn one ended with a commanding lead.
The positions at the end of turn one. I am strong in Athens, Sparta is untouchable at home whilst his allied cities burn.

Oh it burns, it burns! Retribution on Spartan aggression!, losing 1200 talents from their income, that puts a dent in their war effort. Whilst I know what my first action will be in turn two the random selection will choose what Sparta will do. I feel some more raids are in order and maybe an attack on their ships!


  1. The idea of the game forcing you to switch sides is very clever! I think you'll be yelling "this is Sparta" after another turn like this one.

  2. Yes you are right on both counts! The more often you change sides the less chance you have of winning by the victory conditions so it does add a real twist.


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