Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mad as a March Hare and Three Months In

As it's not only the end of the month but the first quarter. At the end of last year I came up with a few aims and completed some and forgot the rest so I thought it might be a good idea to remind myself of where I am.

Aims for 2015.
Finish Matt's Zulu's before the end of February.
Get all the Waterloo buildings finished before the end of March.
Paint up at least eight points of Vikings in the year (including painted troops)
Get the WWI planes painted and get a few games in with the boy.
Get the Roman army finished before end of May
Paint up enough 6mm Ancients that I can have a game with them.
Buy and paint up a number of Celtic Warbands for Hail Caesar in 1/72, the buying is sorted.
Paint up the Arena Rex gladiators and get a few games under my belt.
Start a new 6mm Napoleonic Army, certainly the Poles but probably the Spanish as well.
Continue painting yet more Prussians, French and French allies in 6mm, no way am I finished with the two main forces I have worked on so far.

Well I managed the Zulu's so a good start, I have not managed to finish the Waterloo buildings though they will get finished soon, shall we say by the end of the month for the ones I have on hand?
I also have the eight points of Saga though yet to get another game in but with the kids off over Easter will try and get a couple in.
Total fail on the WWI planes, really need to try and get on to these soon but not feeling no urge at the moment.
The Romans will be finished this week so nicely ahead of time, just a couple of bow armed units need finishing and a bunch of basing.
The 6mm Ancients have gone well this year, still way short of enough for a game but it looks very likely I will get enough done this side of winter.
Started to paint the warbands up and will get my first unit/s finished before April is finished.
Arena Rex has been left till after the Challenge and will be started soon, I want them either finished in time for the next Challenge or at least enough to get a few games in.
The 6mm Naps army will be the British and will be for my son, that starts real soon as I am doing another mates and can't leave my son out can I?
Have more Prussians on the paint desk at the moment and painted up a few French earlier in the month. Plenty more to paint and will keep adding units as I go, this will be how the Poles get into the roster though the Spanish and Portuguese will get some love before the years through.

So overall not too bad a showing against my aims and most should be reached at some point in the year but how does this fit in with reducing the mountain?

6mm has taken a back seat this month with only two Battalions getting painted and whilst not having bought any 6mm in the month  I am in the red in all categories except the infantry. Good job then that I have plans to get through a lot more 6mm this month.

15mm on the other hand has seen more figures painted for the second month running. Only two infantry figures (more on those cheeky chaps in a future post) and fifty five cavalry figures. This leaves me sixteen half painted infantry to go for a finished project. Great stuff.

20mm has stayed stagnant apart from nine part painted test figures, but these will also come along this month and should see a lot of improvement over the next few months.

28mm saw a rather large increase in my holding of infantry when I traded figures for painting a mates figures. Now I have eighty six more figures than I started the count with. Well since June last year I have painted 107 28mm infantry so it is possible I can get this figure down some over the rest of the year but I doubt I will get them back in the black for a fair amount of time yet but I plan to try.


  1. 107 sounds like a good number. Now you got me wondering, how many bakes have I done since last June?

    1. The answer to that Happy is to invite insanity, best not look to closely ;-)

      I am very pleased with the numbers I produced, especially as I had about ten days of no production.