Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 2 March 2015

Taming The Mountain - February

As we all know, February is just four weeks long, add to it the various distractions and my time in front of the painting table was more limited than I would like. The first show of the year for me also was on Feb so the mountain was in danger of a growth spurt.

6mm Received a chunk of figures through the door. I bought sixteen battalions worth but having painted fifteen in January and a further four last month I am still down three overall.
The cavalry I continued to buy gaining five regiments but also painted five remaining on Plus 12 overall, really need to get working on these.
I have painted up the six elephants and the original Stone Throwers but received the four small ones from Baccus so remain Plus 4 on Guns.
Buildings have gone through the roof by adding 22 so are now Plus 29. The rest remain unchanged.

15mm Continues to be the best reduction with 52 more infantry painted in Feb, that's 154 over two months with no additions so a big lump carved out.
Cavalry have also seen progress with sixteen figures painted but I have bought the same number 
to help finish off the Roman army, March will see a chunk more 15mm Cavalry painted up.

20mm Has not been touched, maybe this month? 

28mm Thanks to Gary and receiving a payment for commission work 28mm Infantry has taken as bit of a bashing as I added eighty figures to the pile whilst only painting nineteen. Expect that bulge to remain for a few months being slowly chipped away as I don't see that much time given over to it.
No other changes to 28mm or 32mm.

So with big gains in infantry in 28mm and buildings in 6mm the mountain has grown not shrunk. The saving grace is that all these figures and buildings did not cost me any money so I can at least take comfort from that.

Really pleased with the progress of my Roman project as that should be finished no later than end of April and possibly before. Most of my time will be spent painting up 6mm this month, both Steve's and my son's British Naps and Lee's ECW Parliament army. However I will throw in a few bits of my own to keep the interest a little keener. 


  1. Does the mountain ever shrink? Sorry to hear about your job, good luck finding a new one. Looking forward to seeing the British Naps.

  2. Very sorry about the job, Ian.

    February went by in a blink. Too fast, these days.