Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Taking Stock or a Wargaming Stocktake - 6mm

I started this a few days ago, getting through most of the 6mm and finally finish thee little guys giving me plenty of food for thought.

Like most wargamers I have a few figures tucked away and started to wonder if it was a good idea to know exactly what I have tucked away.

The army so far less the Large Stone Throwers.

New period for me so I have yet to buy too much and sure enough it is quite reasonable.
Quite a few Command and casualty bases but these will be worked into the units so no need for an exact count.
Two units of Companion cavalry each of about 24 figures, these actually still could be one and a bit units if I end up going with about 30 figures to a base.
Two more units of horse archers, these will probably sit waiting till just about everything else is finished as I won't need more than the two I have painted already.
Three phalanxes each of 96 figures, I hope to get these painted up in the next month or so ready for Triples as I hope to get a few more then. Just need to give myself the excuse to buy more really.
One Hoplite unit of 48 figures, I have painted up one unit of these already but not blogged it yet.
Two to three units of Peltasts dependant on the size of the units.
Four bolt throwers that will give a mobile option to the big beasts.

Still a small project and as such not to many packs, though the fact that a pack tends to supply only a couple of units may help explain the low numbers.

This project went into mothballs as soon as Project Waterloo became a reality but is started to get some interest again now I have finished the Naps. I bought an army pack from Baccus but was also lucky enough to get a Baccus Army pack off a bring and buy which explains the following

Fifteen Regiments of Foot and another six regiments worth of musket but need command and pike.
Nineteen regiments of cavalry, having only painted up a couple of cavalry regiments these show up really badly.
Thirteen command stands, won't need this many so some will find their way onto the cavalry and infantry bases.
Ten guns and twelve crews. Not sure what happened there.
Four limbers, really need a limber per gun so will have to get more of these in the future.
Two Dragoon regiments as mounted and dismounted versions.

As you can see this is an army begging for attention, far more owned as bare lead than painted. As I am also painting up Lee's Essex army I will be showing these guys some love.

French Napoleonic.
Take a good luck at the image above, I also need you to know it's grown since as I have added more units, I tell you this because...........

OLD Baccus
Five  Battalions of Infantry
Three Battalions of Grenadiers
Five Chasseur Regiments
Four Dragoon Regiments
These were intended to be used as Allied troops and that remains the plan for sometime in the future.

NEW Baccus
Seven Battalions of Infantry
Nine Battalions in Greatcoat
Ten Old Guard in Greatcoat
Two Battalions in Bicorne 
Eight 12lb guns and crews
Two Guard Horse guns and crews
Two Guard Foot guns and crews
Four Elite Light Cavalry Regiments
Four Lancer Regiments

Five Line Battalions
Three Light Battalions
Seven Battalions without command figures
Four guns and crews
Thirty seven command figures
Seven Chasseur Regiments
Two Cuirassier Regiments
Two Lancer Regiments

So 51 Battalions of infantry, twenty eight cavalry regiments and sixteen guns, enough to keep me busy for a few months. As these are all needed for future projects I am not over concerned as it's difficult to have too many French troops.

Guard Lancers, the only Polish yet started.
Fifteen Battalions of Infantry, I need command for four of these battalions.
Three guns and crews
Fourteen command figures
Embryo at best, these are the troops I got via Dave at BlogCon. I had always planned the Poles and will look forward to the opportunity to work on these.

I have painted up all the units that fought at Waterloo but plan to paint beyond this so to be able to fight all the battles the Prussians fought in the 100 day campaign and the earlier battles when France was triumphant. Have had quite a break from painting these guys and getting ready to reduce the unpainted lead further.

Eight Reserve Battalions
Twenty Seven Landwehr battalions, 
Eight guns and crews
One Limber
Forty Two command figures
Two Hussars Regiments
Two Ulan Regiments
Two Dragoon Regiments
Five Cuirassier Regiments

Nothing like the French pile but those Landwehr are a lump, this is in part as I bought twelve Baccus Battalions when I needed a break from the Adler ones. All the Prussians are Adler and again I will be needing all of them at some point in the future, yes even the Landwehr.

I also have nine WWI planes that will hopefully get my attention soonish as they really should be a quick job.

I actually have less than I thought I might have and now I have set numbers I can buy other units that may be required without worrying that I may be doubling up on what I already have. 

Next up will be the 15mm boxes, whilst I have much less of these it will be interesting to see exactly what I so have!


  1. You're certainly more organised than I am. I'm more of a pretend to forget about the unfinished projects / piles of neglected figures person. It's making me feel anxious just thinking about the hundreds of figures I've got hid away in a dark place :D

  2. Sometimes, taking stock is a hazardous venture and could lead to a whole swing of emotions.

    Let's see what you have in 15!

    1. 15mm should not be too bad, it's taken a beating this last three months


  3. Good grief that's a lot of figures!!!!

    1. It's not that bad, plus I have not bought any this nonth LOL


  4. Taking stock is just dangerous, I found 1500 6mm ACW I knew I had and about the same 10mm Malburians I had forgotten about. Plus all the other 15mm 28mm etc etc
    Regards, Ken

    1. My aim is to get the levels down to a more reasonable level, the issue with that is all the painting I am doing for others at the moment that will be paid for with figures. That will add a chunk


  5. Replies
    1. You wait till I reveal the 28's ;-)


  6. Replies
    1. LOL, I checked the 15, 20 and 28's last night, I've stopped laughing