Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday Quiz 8

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Lets see how well you do today, it's fine to use Google etc. or books just let me know in your answers which you used if used. Answers posted some time over the weekend.

1.What did Alexandria The Great do in 333 BC to prove to his troops he would concur the known world?

2. The English victory over the Scots at Halidon Hill (1333) saw the advent of which tactical innovation?

3. The death of which general was celebrated by Jacobites when toasting The little gentleman in black velvet?

4. What did the Soviets dub the Circle of Death?

5. Which Year did the Korean War start?


1. He tried to untie the Gordian Knot, after trying for days he hacked it apart with his sword.

2. The use of dismounted knights with bowmen

3. William III - William of Orange who supplanted James II on the throne of England. William died after being thrown  when his horse stumbled over a mole hill.

4. The use of squadrons of fighter-bombers (usually Ilyushin II-2 Sturmovicks) to fix and attack German armoured columns in continuous waves.

5. 1950, June 25th to be exact and ended 27th July 1953.


  1. Another testing week, some familiar areas, but no definite answers - off to check now, have a good weekend.

    1. The weekend was great, working this one though


  2. 1. A little dance?
    2. Raising of the Kilts to 'moon' the enemy?
    3. Pass. Only Government commander I know of is Cumberland.
    4. Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' song?
    5. First I thought '53. Then reckoned that can't be right, so said '50. Looked it up and realised I'd got it backside first.

  3. 1. He taught them to spell Conquer correctly ;)
    2. The Hokey Cokey.
    3. General Ignorance.
    4. The M25
    5. Which one?

    Thanks Google!

    1. Ooh, competition to see who can come up with the silliest answers ... It's so on! :D Lol

      Though the Korean one is limited timewise due to the use of the anglicised term, as earlier wars would probably use Joseon instead of Korea :P Not that I'm an authority, I just watch Asian historical action films Lol

    2. Got a few chuckles from both of you and would love this challenge to snowball, maybe I should pick some vulnerable questions for you to make fun at?