Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 9 July 2015

June Jumble

What a month June was, my worst production in over three years. It was no coincidence that it also coincided with my starting the new job that mixes long hours, long journey time and working eleven out of fourteen days. However things are settling into a routine and for the next couple of weeks at least I can make use of having Wednesdays off whilst the kids are at school. 

So before I go into what I painted I thought I may as well come clean on some of what I received this month. I received three packs of figures from Commission Figurines, French Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. These are 6mm MDF figures that are a close size match to Baccus.

The artillery look like they will be fun to assemble, that's a job for latter this week. The cavalry look easier though I have yet to prep them and so more on them later.

Close up of the infantry, there is some detail picked out for you though more detail needs adding. I have actually painted up a battalion this afternoon whilst waiting for Hougoumont's ornamental garden to dry. More on that when it's finished. They are quick and easy to paint and again more in an upcoming post.

I also had the chance to buy some old Chariot Miniatures Hoplites at a very good price so grabbed them building back up my 15mm stock piles.

In the same offer was a bunch of Persian cavalry and as I would be looking for more of these at some point took the opportunity to snag a bargain. So on a month of low production I managed to get figures in all three major scales, oh dear...........

Whilst I added ten battalions to my pile in May I at least managed to paint up four in June so the overall trend is downwards still.
No command has been painted in June so remains on Plus 15, Boney and a few mates NEED painting in the next few days so at least that will start to drop.
I managed to paint up one cavalry regiment but remain Plus 9 overall so post JoS will see my cavalry get more attention.
All other 6mm remains the same and will do so for a while yet I fear.

6mm commissions only four buildings have been painted up but I have a chunk of Steve's half finished and even more for Lee put aside till after JoS then that category should see good reduction.

Infantry Plus 62 and cavalry Plus 46 (thirty one additions) but overall since starting the tally they are actually down on total numbers.

Remains Plus 96 infantry and Plus 6 cavalry, need to get back to doing these as I hope to get to use them when it comes round to our Christmas game round at Kev's.

If you thought my 6mm was out of control take a look at these numbers. 
Infantry a further Plus 9 in June so Plus 80 in total and fortunately only Plus 4 for the cavalry.

On a positive note I don't see me buying much in July and my painting time has increased allowing me to get on with part painted projects. July tally should look better than June's and with Project Waterloo getting out the door I hope to be in position to both play the actual game and painting up other projects.


  1. MDF seems to be taking over the world, wonderful new additions Ian.

    1. Well you wait till they are painted up


  2. 6mm MDF figures Oh my God!!!

    1. Yes I did not see that coming myself!


  3. 6mm MDF They look pretty good.

    1. They do paint up well as well. Just need to finish them off and I will post about them



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