Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bonus Round Greeks

I don't plan to go in for more than a couple of the themed bonus rounds but I did enter the first one as I had the perfect idea.

The second army I painted up was my Persian one and some of the first figures were Chariot Miniatures Hoplites so it seemed the perfect choice. Having bought a bunch of Persian cavalry and Greek hoplites mid last year second hand meant I hand the figures just waiting to be worked on.

I really had enough hoplites but having more means I have yet more options and I can always use them in other earlier period armies if we end up adding to the armies we have.

I was not really 100% switched on to painting the shields and the angle of the spear added to the problem so they are not the best I have done but they will be OK for what I need.

So a relatively quick paint that took me back a few decades. Not that it was that long since I painted up a unit of hoplites but it's the first Chariot ones in years! I still have enough figures for another three or four units, however they may or may not get painted in the challenge. 

As for the Persian cavalry, well two units are on the table with some paint on them so they will be hopefully finished for next weeks submission.