Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Companion Cavalry Baccus 6mm

Keeping with the 6mm Ancients theme I give you two units of Baccus Companion Cavalry. Each unit has 18 mounted figures and one casualty figure.

This gives me a total of seven units of cavalry for my Macedonian army, certainly enough for now but I will by another pack or two when I expand the army beyond what I now have.

Keeping with the two colour schemes I have used so far means I can tell which units belong to which formations. Future units may get a third colour, depends on exactly where we go with it.

On the cavalry I can put the die cell at the rear of the unit so it's less in your face than the phalanx units. I also like that using the 40x60 bases allows for a bit of play on figure placement.

Baccus do a casualty pack which allows me to have a bit of fun with the basing, how could I resist. 

The second unit is for the blue division, these are light blue, I have used different shades of blue and red so that whilst they can be used within the same formation they do not all look the same.

I still have other lighter cavalry to paint up for these so you will see some more ancient horse before I run out but not a lot more.

Indeed I have only a few more units left before my stock of ancient figures run out in 6mm. The only question is do I get more before or at Triples?