Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 18 January 2016

Snow Day = Games Day

Yes we had snow, not enough to stop us doing anything though the kids spent most of the morning out playing in what we had. First snow of the winter you see. We had already planned on playing a few games if time allowed and it seemed the perfect plan for the afternoon.

First game up was Fast Flowing Forest Fellows. I picked this up for £4.99 from The Works when they first started to stock the odd Euro Game. It's a great game to introduce players to Euro's, especially if kids are involved. It's an easy game to learn with very simple rule mechanics but it's a bit shallow regarding long term play. Don't get me wrong it's both fun and it's not all luck based, it's just that it is limited to what you as the player can do regarding your moves with just two pieces to move (4 player option). This means you will enjoy a few games but despite the many board connotations you will reach for other games after a few games in a short period. 

It's been well over a year since we last played so all of us were happy to play (the kids have been wanting to play for awhile now). As such we had fun, lots of stuffing each other and forcing other players back down long currents. Cath actually won it handily as she managed to get the one log rider off the first board and safely over the finish line. Once that was done the other rider sped down the board for an easy win. One game was enough but I can see it being played again next games session.

Next up was Rummikub, we have played it once before with the kids with a not too bad a game though it's a bit of a stretch for The Boy being only nine. It's 8-adult but that's a smart 8 year old in my mind. He did struggle at the start and as such became a bit detached making it harder for him to get it but towards the end he started to enjoy it. The Girl ended up winning the one round we played with Cath coming a close second. We decided not to go any more rounds so as not to frustrate The Boy further. Funny as he has a good grasp of The Bean Game.

We do like to introduce a new game when we can and the kids really wanted to have a crack at Ticket To Ride so we gave it a go. Typical Alan Moon game, low on rules high on options making for a game the kids could get. I thought the sticking point would be the destination tickets, especially the option to pick up extra ones as the game ran on. It ended up being the most fun of the three games and both kids were asking to play again but it was time for tea. It's going to probably be one of the first games we play next time and is sure to remain a favourite for some time.

Our game was fairly close with the kids dropping off at the end but finishing a credible points score. I through away the win by picking as my last action destination cards and having to keep one failed route for minus six points. Cath's longest route +10 points nipping in front of me. 

We have been playing the Bean Game a lot recently after a lay off and I lost a game of Commands & Colors to The Boy last Wednesday so it's a bit of a games hub at the moment.


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    1. We have about 100 games, mostly Euro's but some will have to wait till the kids are older.


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    1. Indeed, we had a lot of fun and it's tough to beat sitting round the table and laughing as you play