Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Awaiting Bases

I have had these Prussian's for years and years and have played with mostly Computer rules which we have had issues with but were better than over complex paper rules or dots or over simplistic ones. So stuck with them. Now I want to give Polemos rules a bash and for this they need basing, as do the French that I am part way through painting. No mean task given the 100+ units I will need to base when all is said and done.
Yes I am impatiently waiting for Warbases to drop through my letterbox LOL.

These Prussians were painted for me by Red Triangle, I don't even know if they are still in business, all I know is at the time they were considered the best and cost a packet but I have always been very happy with them. It's the only time I ever used a painting service and I doubt I will ever do again though I was very happy with the result. Good job I enjoy painting figures I guess.

The only view I want to see of them, that is advancing to victory. I can't wait to base these and get to see what they look like, only problem will be storage of them.

Some of the French I did too many years ago. The latest batch of 12 regiments took less than a week to do (these need finishing touches which I will do over the next day or two). Not as nice as the Prussians but I have the knowledge that I did them myself.

I am hoping that the Baccus paint easier that these Irregular as the paint does not flow on these guys and most detail is not well enough formed to paint well. Or is it my painting skill?

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