Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bases Arrive!!

I received an e-mail a few days ago informing me that my order had been dispatched from Warbases, which I think is a rather nice touch. I had already been waiting impatiently as per above so it was good to know it had been dispatched and that I could have one day off waiting by the letter box.
So fast forward two days and I am back in position (think less cute than a dog but higher on the dribbling and you got me). Finally he arrives with the goods. A rather imposing and none too light package which is very neatly wrapped. Rather exciting to say all it is, is bits of MDF but such is my life these days. Off with the paper covering and now a sealed box that did not withstand my efforts very long but provides excellent storage of them for the short period they await deployment. Overall my imprecation is rather positive, well very positive to be honest. Well packaged and a printed sticky address label so it has the lowest chance of getting lost in the post. So due props to the guys at Warbases. However I have one thing above all that tends to send my vision red and that's postage cost. Too many times have I suffered postage costs far greater than the item has actually cost to post and the stock answers of Handling or Packing Materials (usually a second hand jiffy), so looking at the printed stamp what do I see? Cost of postage of £4.41 and I paid 10% of order, something around £2.50. What a class act! They are at Derby in just under two weeks time and I am sure to pop onto their stand, thank them for the service and hand over more coinage for more bases, what more can be said?

Inside the box. that's a lot of bases. I only had enough sent to base my Prussian and French (yes more than I need but I plan on getting more French!) and have not ordered any for my Ancients as unsure what size bases to use as awaiting contact with some of my old playing pals.
The bases are all uniformly cut and dust free so can be used straight from the box. I have already based up 26 units, more on this later and very happy with the look and feel. I will never go back to cardboard again and for the price it really makes sense to go this route. The time saved alone is worth the cost. Now all I need to do is base up over 100 Prussian units and finish painting and base about 60 French and all before Derby. Well I will settle for half that.

Yes it's a deep box as well! Whilst waiting for the bases to arrive I started painting the French Lancers, I had 5 Regiments for some reason, well I won't be getting any more for awhile whilst I catch up with all the others. More again to follow on a later post.

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