Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Derby in 10 Days!!

The World Wargames Championships is in just ten days and will be my first major Con in far to many years. Went to The Other Partisan a few weeks ago but was not really going to buy much and just came away with a set of rules. Derby is different, I have pre-ordered a bunch of Chariot Miniatures and Baccus. This means I wont be looking at spending much more when I am there but that's no bother. High on my list will be meeting up with fellow wargamers who I am sure will be there (having already agreed to meet a ASL and figure gaming bud Andy). I am also taking a couple of show virgins in the guise of James "The Machine" my nephew who is no stranger to games cons but this is his first figure con. Having turned 18 the beers are on him LOL. The other is a mates son Tom who has yet to confirm but he has played 40K in the past and may well be ready to see what else is out there.
Other items on my wish list is spend some quality time watching a few games and get a feel for the various rules used and hopfully score a few answers to a few questions.

Wargaming Neutral.
Well I have been on fire, I have just got to finish basing the last of the French Infantry and flock them then all I have left to do is most of the limbers and all of the command bases and lastly 6 regiments of Cavalry. That means I can walk up to the Baccus stand head held high and buy a big bag of lead. The 15mm Ancients have ground to a halt with just 16 figures left to paint but that is because I need to get a game of Naps in before Derby and the clocks ticking. Once I am up and running I will swap back to 15mm, I will need to as I have rather a lot to pick up.

Been in the Loft again!!!
This time to remove everything out in time for this Friday as we are having the loft insulated. This has got Cath pawing through the old German boards games and me looking at the Magic cards, I can see us running through them. Once the loft is done it's down with some boards, up with shelves and more games brought from my mothers. Wait for the classic game AAR's LOL

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