Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Warganing Neutral

The idea is not mine, not at all but I first saw it in Another Slight Diversion which is a great figure gaming blog if you don't already know it. In fact I think Andy is a good part of the reason I am back to figures and also running this blog, so you can blame him. I have taken Andy's idea and twisted it to my advantage. My idea is that I have to fit to the two rules (with slight alteration) that Andy works to, these being

1. Can't Buy a Figure unless I have painted a figure from my lead pile.

2. Can't spend money unless I have either created money from sale of hobby stuff or it's from my gameing stash.

Due to the low level of figures I had at the start of the process I am allowing myself one free splurge at Derby in a few weeks. This is fine as rule 2 still applies. Good job I just sold a ASL item then ;-)

Paint, bases, materials and Rules do not count to 2 as it is the figures that need watching.

I also have an idea that may well help me out with getting figures and keep me supplied with things to paint without the cost impact. More on this at a later date.

The Books.

Figures owned since last purchase
6mm all Napoleonic's
14 Cav regiments 3 painted
31 Infantry 24 painted
12 scermish strips 6 painted
9 guns and limbers 3 painted

10 mounted Dragoons Painted
10 dismounted Dragoons Painted
30 figure regiment of foote

56 infantry 40 painted

Most of these have been painted in the last 4 weeks so I have mounted up plenty under rule 1 and paying for the replacements is covered as well. Good times.

I plan to buy a bunch of Baccus French Naps to round off the French army and can do this under 1 as I should have almost all the above painted by then. But I also plan on buying a fair chunk of Chariot Miniatures for a Macedonian army but not knowing what rules set I am likely to use this could limit me to buying the obvious troop types.

I also want to go into another period at some point but need to start gaming again and reach out to suitable rules.

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