Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 10 September 2011

First Figures Painted in over 10 years!

So after 10+ years away I was a little rusty but also rather nervous about trying new techniques such as no shading and the army painter. Also by basing style needed a total refit as the standard of today is fantastic in comparison.
As mentioned before it all started with six packs of Chariot Miniatures so it was fitting I started here.

JLS and Shield (Psiloi) x16
JLS and Shild -Thracian (Psiloi) x8
JLS and Shild - Mercenary Greek Peltasts (Ax) x8
Slinger - Thracian (Psioloi) x8
Bow - Thracian (Psioloi) x8

I went for the easy ones and did all the JLS and slinger's in a job lot which went surprisingly well with just the base painting but looked so flat I felt they were showing my rust. Then out came the Army Painter for dipping. I will admit to being nervous about doing this but really wanted to give it a go.
I was expecting the gloss shine so this was not a surprise and as I always mat varnish neither was it an issue. What was/is is that white don't stay white but I do like the effect so it's a trade off at the end of the day.

Basing was done on the what I thought was a reasonable bit of cardboard and I must confess I lack self discipline to be patient to find good material. This caused the bases to curl and I am waiting for some MDF bases from Warbases to arrive so I can rebase them all. But I was happy with the effect and look forward to rebasing them.

Overall I was very pleased with both the paint job and the dipping process. I plan to dip and rebase all my 15mm figures over the coming months once rule sets are agreed with anyone I will be playing with. Derby should bring the answer to this question I hope.

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