Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Welcome Home

Hi there. This is not my first blog, this honour belongs to Wall Advantage, a blog dedicated to Advanced Squad Leader that recreates WWII in the cardboard world. This blog will not be WA nor do I want it to be. The plan with this one is to just lay down my thoughts and experiences as I get back into wargaming with figures and as such the posts will be far shorter in length.

It's been a few weeks now since I decided to do something with the lead I had left over so over the next week or so I will try to catch up. I have had a few packets of Chariot Miniatures lying around which had found their way onto my computer desk (maybe a lead version of Toy Story?) and after sitting there for a few weeks I decided to go in the loft and get out the old paint box and see if any of them were ok. Well about 50% were still in good enough shape to start me off but I had read about The Army Painter and wanted to try something new so found a local stockist and added a few paints and new brushes and a few other bits and home I went to try out this old hobby of mine.

I had forgotten how much fun it was and I soon was back up in the loft looking for more materials to play with. I also brought back home from storage at my Mothers my 1/300 scale Prussian Napoleonic's, weighing in at 30 Infantry, 20 cav and 15 guns and limbers all painted. These had managed less than a dozen games in 25 years mostly down to a lack of rules my old group really liked.

I have got rid of a lot of stuff over the years but I have at present

Prussian Napoleonic 1/300
ECW Royalist and New Model 15mm based for Tercio
Later Achiemid Persian 15mm based to 6th EditionWRG

Projects started but not really pushed
French Naps to go with the Prussians (12 infantry regiments painted out of two divisions)
That scattering of Chariot for a possible Macedonian army.
A scattering of Fantasy figures from the days of Roleplaying.

Lets see where this takes us shall we?

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