Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Blast From The Past

In the post this morning I received a surprise and a trip down memory lane all rolled into one. This was in the form of a Postal Games Zine. Something I used to have a lot of back in the day. Seemsa guy called Colin Bruce has started a zine called Fury of the Northmen (FuN) which plans to run various games. So far we have Chess and Britannia running (one of each) with lists open for Chess, Diplomacy and Risk. This was issue 3 so it is very early days and was sent out as a speculative issue possibly from the mailing list for the Convention Scene zine Queens Advertiser. This issue is just 6 pages long and beyond the introduction come editorial the current game of Britannia has 3 pages dedicated to it with a short article on people born in an area depicted on a province within the Diplomacy game and within the time frame of a normal game. Rather a nice touch and runs about a full page. Contact information and game lists along with the deadline all fill up the back page.

The zine looks crisp and due to it's early stage is rather thin but I expect this to be popular as for one I really miss the old Dip zines of the early 90's. Subscriptions are £15 for 10 issues which given it's present size I feel is rather steep though lets face it well affordable to most. I would have preferred to see a minimum sub fee with a note that early issues were £1 and once the thickness of the zine builds up the cost will rise. Being an old zine editor I feel the cost of running a zine should not be born by the editor and whilst I am tempted I feel I can't justify taking on a sub just at the moment.

Anyone who has interest in this zine and want contact details let me know and I will send you Colin's address. I think it may well be a good investment if you want to play these games.

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