Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 6 May 2013

15mm ECW Guns and Crews

Matt supplied the guns part painted but I took them all the way back and stated again as I would not be able to colour match his wood look.

One of the crews ramrod was cut short by a poor run of the lead at casting so I checked my box of bits and found a barrel to rest it on so it did not look too bad. Again these are Museum Miniatures and again have a mix of plus and negative points running along the same lines as the infantry.

However I really like the guns. Lots of detail and easy to paint. I painted up one gun as iron and the other as brass and am rather pleased with the result. Just hope Matt will like them. So all in all Matt is building up quite a collection of stuff to base up. Hopefully he will supply finished shots for me to show at a later date.

Well apart from varnishing and flagging I now have three battalions of Prussians finished and four guns and crews. The cavalry have been brought to the front of the desk and should be possibly started today. I plan to get the three reserve infantry battalions cleaned up as well fairly soon so I can get them primed and started. 

Triples is less than two weeks away so I should be picking up lots and lots of 6mm Napoleonic's for both Prussian and French. Not 100% sure what else will be added to my list between then and now but I weakened last night and ordered yet more Leven Miniatures buildings even though I have not yet painted up all the last lot, oh well they are really nice.


  1. These are some cute figures. I like the brass gun the best. You're going to hate this, but it has a bit of a steam punk look to it.

  2. Nice looking figures, good idea with the barrel!!

  3. @ Anne, yes you are right (as in I do hate you for it!!!) back in the friggin paintstripper!

    @ Ray, It still looks odd but far less than holding a loo brush out at an odd angle.

    @ Michael, I would not go that far, but I think the guns are the best bit.