Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Good Grief is it May already?

The answer of course is yes it is, how's the Prussian's going? The answer to that is not bad but not good either. Knowing I won't get away with that answer let me elaborate. I don't have the three battalions completed for the month of April, nor any guns, commanders or cavalry. That I guess fits firmly in the not good section.

Not bad, well I nearly have the figures finished and if I was not so tired last night after pulling near on twelve hours after a poor nights sleep then I would have had them finished but not based. Gun's are started as are the crews and will be finished before the weekend is through which will put me well ahead with four complete. Cavalry I have two regiments all prepped waiting their turn and will be next up which when done will put me ahead of schedule and may be done before the bank holiday is through (depends on if it rains). Commanders though, don't ask, not that it will be an issue so no worries.

Once the cavalry are finished it's straight on to my first reserve regiment which I hope to clean up either over the weekend or early next week and get painted really quickly. After that I will move on to Matt's 15mm and my 6mm ECW and hopefully get them done before the end of the month. If they are done before Triples I will paint up the last of Matt's ECW and another of mine. If not then maybe it will be onto my French 6mm Napoleonic's as they will be the new Baccus if my luck is in. 

I also will get some of the Leven buildings painted up during May and hopefully finish the Spanish buildings I have almost finished as well as photograph the ones finished about a month ago!

Which leads me to............

The Osprey book is to help with the Roman Army I was given so long ago. I plan to start painting this up fairly soon but not till I have Matt's figures all sorted out. This I hope will be fairly soon as once the ECW is all finished I can move onto his Zulu's and get them painted up really quickly, even though it's more 6mm LOL. I was looking forward to doing the Romans but since having a brief flick though the Osprey I am really getting fired up, maybe just maybe some of these will creep in before I am finished, but please don't tell Matt ;-)

1815 is the second part of a two volume set that the author tries to counter the English speaking bias of not just the Battle but the whole campaign. Unfortunately he does this by portraying as much bias for the Germans as has been done by the Brits for Wellington and the redcoats. At least he is straight up and tells you right at the start. The truth he admits is somewhere between the two. I still want the first part but hope to pay less than the £35 I have seen it for. 

The bases were ordered to pick up at Triples but Warbases accidentally posted it out with the regular orders so I not only got the order early for a 10% discount but I was not charged postage. I had contacted them to let them know about the error hoping to catch them before dispatch but it had already gone and was told I owed no extra. Come Triples though I believe I will find a way of contributing to their takings just because.

It's worth pointing out again though, if you plan to buy from them at any show, let them know with a least a weeks notice and they knock 10% off the cost of the order. You pay on ordering but if for some reason you can't make it then you can pay the difference and postage and still get them. It's a cracking idea and I think other suppliers should also do the same and encourage pre-orders so having a better chance of not running out of items and us the punter getting what we want.

Anyway, the three items above have arrived in the last two days and should help keep me on track. Me? I'm off to paint some Prussians.


  1. May unfurled herself with glorious beauty here today. The sun is shining, it's warm, my tulips are open and my garden phlox has it's first bloom.

    Isn't it nice to say "I pulled a 12 hour shift"? Don't wear yourself out Ian.

  2. Lots and lots to do then Ian, that said I admire your focus as here we are in May and I've got mayhem on the table - just can't decide what to do first!

  3. @ Anne, it's nicer to say than do LOL. Got the dregs of a heavy cold so last few days I have slowed down. Yesterday went to bed instead of painting but feel more in the mood now so will get the Prussians finished tonight I hope.

    @ Michael, Well I need to keep some focus, I will be painting three or four nights over the long weekend so I should be in a good position to run into June with other projects finding some love.