Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pimping and Prizes

Yesterday I got home from work to find a nice little package awaiting me from Seb. of Back to the Mini's fame. You may remember that I won this

Well I was home just long enough to eat before rushing out to Lee's for a test game of our rules but did of course open up the package and have a quick look at the book. It will certainly be the next book I read and looks just the primer I need before moving on to painting those Romans (when I get a spare moment that is). So a very big thanks to Seb, your a gent Sir.

Another giveaway has come about. James at Exiles Wargames Painter is about to celebrate three years of blogging so in the grand style that seems to be in (wonder where it all started LOL) he is offering a brilliant table of prizes to pick from. I have my eye on the British 6mm Naps or the painted force by James (so tempted to get him to paint up some 6mm French for me).

You get extra points for coming up with a limerick (I seriously hope my wife does not read mine!) and of course extra for pimping.

I really advise to get over there it's well worth it.

On the subject of my giveaway I am happy to say that Mr. Lee has finally received his toys via Wayland Games so await to see just what he creates.

One last word on my giveaway. Rosemary & Co. sponsored the giveaway with two £25 (a bit more I think) of series 33 brushes which was so very nice of them. When I informed them of the two winners details they did no more than send them a second prize in the form of £25 and a $30 gift certificate. How good is that? So a great big thank you to Rosemary the owner and all round good egg.


  1. Cheers for the link back, any more visits today and my blog may crash :)
    Peace James

    1. Nothing wrong with that James, nice work Ian.

  2. @ James, crap, that means my chance of winning just got smaller! ;-)