Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Triples II it continues.

I left off yesterdays report with only some of the toys I had bought but before I finish off I'd like to point out that Baccus also have released skirmishers for the Grenadier Line Regiments, unfortunately I only found out just before leaving and by them they were all sold out. Oh well Partizan I can make up for this. It's not expected that any more new French figures will be ready given the time scale that they have to work to but the next figures due for release will be replacements for all the current cavalry codes. After that it will be the guns and crews then the Generals before moving onto the all new items. I have a loose agreement that as the new lines become available I will buy them so I can paint them up and thus review them. More on that later.

So I had one last major purchase of the Saturday to cover but felt I would leave it off yesterdays post given I was showcasing Baccus new French releases.

Not wanting to wait until Baccus release their new French I have bought more of the Adler cavalry to go with the one Lancer regiment I had already bought so long ago. Here we have I think three regiments of Cuirassier four of Lance and two of Chasseurs, not enough to complete the French for Waterloo but will Lee's added we have enough none guard when included with our finished cavalry. Still more will be needed for the other battles we wish to fight.

How many Battalions do I intend to paint for the Prussians?, well above is the mounted officers that will go on some of the battalion bases!

Here we have a mix of Jager and Line skirmishers and at the bottom extra command stands to reduce the size of the Adler Battalion size from 36 to as low as 28 for some of the bases. Most bases will have 24-30 figures in the line or column 3-4 skirmishers and the odd mounted officer or maybe two just to break them up.

Here we go, bags of Reserve and Landwehr infantry. It would not be so bad if I had already painted up the last lot but I still have hundreds of them! All told their is just around 1000 figures in those bags alone. What it does though is just about supply the rest of the Prussian Infantry for the game. Sure I still have lots of artillery  cavalry and Generals to buy but I should have the majority of the infantry in hand.

The French, well in two weeks I may or may not buy another Baccus booster, that depends on when Peter thinks the next new releases are available. If they are not going to be out for a month or so I will grab a booster, otherwise I may well order another with the next draft of releases.

So day one closed with a VERY heavy ruck sack. Between Baccus and Adler, Lee and myself had spent well over £200, I'm not sure if we should be keeping a record or not of just how much we spent.

Tomorrow I will do a post on Sundays show and what I got up to but now I am off to finish what I started.


  1. Just look at all that shiny goodness. Pile it high and deep Ian!

  2. thats a bad case of shineyitis Ian

  3. You're a terrible influence . . . .


  4. They are very nice and I cant believe that they are only 6mm

  5. That's a lot of lead. I'm guessing the shineybloodyitus got the better of you.

  6. @ Anne, Yes it is very high and deep, seems I have it bad

    @ Michael, well hopefully they won't stay shiney for too long

    @ Andrew, err your right but I saw the Doctor and he only made it worse

    @ Firemonkey, music to my ears

    @ PanzerKaput, the quality of casting is tremendous. I was looking at some 3mm and you would not believe the detail

    @ Lee, it is a lot of lead but the plan is to paint it all (and a lot more) in the next two years.