Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Duke Of York's Regiment of Foote in 15mm

Here we have Matt's figures painted up as the same regiment. The figures are Museum Miniatures and have a few nice touches such as the detail on the muskets were you can see the serpentine that would hold the match. Shame no match though is present! The figures are a nice size and have quite a bit of detail throughout such as the faces but at the same time some of the detail is either unclear or plain wrong. The bandaliers are not well sculpted making them a real pain to paint. One figure clearly had a turnback on one sleeve but not the other and other such issues.

Overall they are not bad figures to work with but I think their are a few better choices before I would turn to these for increasing my own force.

At least the figures have character and whilst they are not my first choice they are reasonably fun to paint and did not take a major clean up before painting.

Only one figure has the Lobster Pot in this lot but none of the pike have the Morion which you would expect. Good job the musket are only wearing soft hats. I would certainly prefer Matchlock Miniatures for the better mix and look of the regiments you can put together.

Yesterdays pictures and these above are the first ones using the photo table we have at work. Overall I think it works rather well. Let's see what I try next.


  1. If they're not accurate and the sculpt is substandard, I wouldn't buy any more of them. Hope your energy levels are holding up Ian!

  2. Old Glory 15s and Donnington are pretty good as well for a mix of poses/variants.

    The faces on these guys do look quite characterful and the posing doesn't look bad

  3. Looking very nice, love the faces!