Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Well it had to happen

Went to Specsavers yesterday (yes a Bank Holiday Monday!) and have to say I was pleasantly surprised at on describing what I do to pass the time both the pre optician test person and the optician asked further questions to get a fuller idea of how crazy I am what I actually meant I do and this figured (pun intended) in the way the tests and post test analysis was done. 

Yep I need glasses, but only just. I have to admit if only to myself the high concentration of painting little diddy 6mm figures to the extent and length of time per sitting is quite probably the reason or at least most of the reason I have had to buy a set of specs. I am really boarder line need and if not for the extreme close work I would not yet need them. In fact I was advised to use them for painting, any heavy duty computer work (especially on my giant screen at work) and reading small text. So watching the box, reading normal text and well writing this blog are not really times to use said bins. 

The thing is I look so dam sexy in them I will find it hard to resist ;-)


  1. I had a similar experience at the opticians and they evn adjusted the lenses so I could get clear definition when painting miniatures

  2. Join the bloody club, I was told at my last test I'll need bi-focals next time, trouble is that next time should have been last November. I'm blindly trying to put off joining the old git club early!!!

    1. I'm a fully paid member of this club as well!

  3. At least you have the excuse of age, I was born with naff eyes and have been a member of the glasses club for going on 20 years now! :D

    The moment when you realise you can't drive the car without them anymore is the one to watch out for :(

  4. It's tough to get old....However, you will probably find it a bit easier to read and paint miniatures.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  5. Sometimes it pays not to fight the inevitable!

  6. "He's too sexy for his glasses, too sexy for his glasses, too sexy...."

    A few years back I found out I needed glasses for distance work like driving. However, I don't have a car so I rarely bother wearing them.

  7. Yeah, I noticed shortly after hitting 40, that I was struggling to focus close up on fine detail work... I have been using hobby specs from the pharmacy since then and they seem to work fine.
    I did consider for a while getting an optivisor, but the lenses in them are the same range as the hobby specs and when used with a decent angle poise lamp up close I get the same effect, for a fraction the cost of the optivisor...

  8. @ Andrew, they sound super cool, talk about going the extra mile

    @ Fran and Ray, next you both will be moaning about the youth of today and the price of teabag(ging)

    @ Smillie, yes I can't complain that it took 46 years for me to need them, and it's limited need at that

    @ CC, what I have found is that I start to find it difficult to focus after a couple of hours painting, especially the 6mm stuff.

    @ Michael, sage words though the funs in the fight

    @ Tamsin, Distance I am spot on, I would hate to have to wear glasses for driving, especially at night.

    @ Scot, so you spent the difference on figures? ;-)