Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Prussian 6th Regiment (1 West Prussia) 6mm Adler

Given the amount if Prussian lead that came home with me on Saturday I suppose it's fitting that the next post is about some of those very Prussians. These were finished just this side of the month and were the April figures. Worryingly May's figures are still at the prep stage but should be finished before the month finishes.

Here we have the 1st and 2nd Battalions. These were part of the Ist Corp under Pirch II. Rather than Jagers these two battalions just use inherent troops from the regiment. 

The figures as stated above are Adler but the flags are Baccus and the blown up picture shows the detail that Baccus provide in the flags. This is the 1st Battalion.

I have added mounted officers to the 1st and 3rd Battalions and some future bases may have a couple of riders or other figures to keep them looking varied. This was the first Adler infantry I have tried to base in column and to be honest I am really disappointed with the result. It's a learning curve like most things but I cut the bases of the figures too small. This has ended up with the figures far too close together and rather than a column I have more of a wedge. The type of formation you may have wanted to produce with some of the raw troops yet to be painted! 

So effectively a lot of time spent making them look good wasted when it came to basing them. Still I was very happy with the dry-brushing the blues which have come off well.

These close up shots make me appreciate the recipe for the static grass that Lee supplied. One part summer and  two parts Autumn, gives a nice meadow type look. Though looking at Lee's basing I have gone too light with these for the ground so next lot will be backed off a bit.

Here is the 3nd Battalion, these I did in a three deep line, I really like the mix of colours you get with Prussian flags, helps make a mostly drab force so much more colourful. Though these being Prussian at least they also have the red facings.

The lines are a bit ragged but I don't mind that at all. Getting basing paint and grass down the lines was a little challenging but I was lucky in that spaces were available.

The flash has really picked out the blue undercoat on the shako's but without it the blue does not show through so much and sometimes not at all.

The fusilier battalion (3rd) and so has no flag to add colour. Fortunatly they have some help from a few Jagers. Notice the mounted officer getting in the way.

This battalion I went for the typical wargame double line. I liked this spread quite a lot as it shows off the numbers possibly the best. One guy though just can't keep up.

I like the pose which is the typical Baccus pose but it gets that little bit extra from the super thin bayonets though one has to wonder how long they will last.

So the Prussians troops slowly build up, I plan to just work my way through each Corp infantry wise. Artillery will be done between regiments and as such will often be done in small batches well ahead of schedule  Cavalry though is another matter, these will be done a couple at a time so in some cases this will mean that regiments that did not fight at Waterloo are still painted up. This is either for the other battles around Waterloo that are bound to get some play or for different campaigns such as Russia. After all I plan to use the troops raised for Waterloo as the starting point for many another action.


  1. These are lovely Ian, and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only who plans what he is going to paint by the month!

  2. I love the basing with skirmishers out front but planning is still alien to me!

  3. Yep, how you're using the base space on these is great!


  4. Very nice mate. I'm continually amazed by how much detail you can get on your 6mm stuff. I struggle with getting my 10mm to look that good!

  5. Beautiful 6mm stuff. It boggles the mind.

  6. Excellent work, love the basing!

  7. Looks great, I would be interested to hear a bit more about your basing I've got some 6mm stuff to do and find basing them the hardest bit to get right.

  8. @ Michael, thanks, it's only weird when someone else does it. Actually I need to keep focused on this project but I also want to do other things as well or it will get old quick.

    @ Fran, I know most rules have the skirmishers detached and all over the place. It was a concious decision to keep them rained in though it may come that some will be let loose.

    @ Firemonkeyboy, the effect we are going for is that the bases all look that bit different when on the table. I purposely do not set the lines to be at the same point from the front or back of the base so you get a wave like effect rather than a straight line across the board. I will even do some squares at some point.

    @ Milsy, well thank you very much. I do try to do my best though a lot of the praise has to go to the sculptor and caster. Baccus and Adler are fairly easy to paint as they are crisp castings.

    @ Sean, I have to admit when I blew the images up so big I was really amazed at how the coats came out. Amazing the effect you get with spray paint followed by dry brushing two extra colours on.

    @ Ray, Thanks, I did enjoy doing them, ask me if that's the case in 70 odd bases time.

    @ Smillie, OK will do a tutorial at some point soon, it's Lee's method and it's really very easy. As always it's knowing how.