Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spanish Village in 6mm by Timecast

These buildings were painted up just after the Painting Challenge finished, I just wanted to do something, well almost anything other than figures for a few days. I actually have two more almost finished, just need to pull them to the front of the table.

I still have eleven TBM Spanish buildings to paint on top of the ones you see here. I guess I will have a rather varied selection for the upcoming games, that is when I get round to painting them.

The photo's are not the best as they were taken on my phone and the fact that I had just placed them ready for a game we were playing means you don't get the best shots of the buildings I could have taken but it's been too long in the taking so I am just happy to show them off.

The village, all buildings will now make it onto tiles, most of which will be 60x60mm from Warbases, though I am collecting a few larger tiles at Triples. These were not designed to fit together so much as be dotted about the table but the scenario required a small town so here we have it.

Timecast tend to add little bits of detail to the edges of the buildings, in the one on the left you get a pile of wooden planks and a couple of barrels. Also annoyingly they had bushes that really don't look that good. These, though can be covered up with clump foliage. What you struggle with though is the plinth that they sit on. I guess the handy amongst us can make a cut out into our tiles and sink them in, or use model products to make a rim to disguise this. Not a major issue but when buildings are this nice you don't need the distraction. Also given the cost it would be nice not to have such issues but even with this bugbear they are well worth picking up.

The Timecast website had a few useful tips on Spanish buildings that are well worth passing on here. First up have you noticed the buildings are rather grubby and not the expected bright white? Turns out that painting buildings white is far more recent than the Napoleonic period. Not that all buildings were left as undressed render, the rich would have on occasion painted them white. I had fun making these buildings a more muted and slightly textured finish. I really went to town on the buildings with the rendering broken away. These were made more grubby and after looking at a LOT of terracotta tiled buildings I made these a much darker roof with the odd bright tile painted on to show they were still used if a little unloved.

The other tip was that many of the Spanish buildings of the time had yellow window and door frames to ward off the Devil. This was due to the Devil hating the colour yellow.

So expect plenty more Spanish buildings as time passes by, but then again look out for LOTS more buildings   being shown off here as I have a total of thirty three to paint and two more just to finish. Beyond that I know I will be placing order number four with Leven Miniatures just as soon as Mick has certain buildings I have twisted his arm to produce are ready.


  1. They are lovely buildings from Timecast and I can see the advance of 6mm

  2. Very nice buildings. Effective basing too! I actually use 6mm buildings for 15mm Napoleonics to represent BUAs. Looking forward to seeing more of your finished products.

  3. Very Nice, it is a real benefit of 6mm how affordable buildings etc are.

  4. I'm always surprised at how much detail they get into their buildings at this scale. Wonderful job of painting them up Ian.

  5. @ PanzerKaput, Timecast make some great looking buildings. They paint up easily which is a big bonus. Dare I even mention I did not undercoat them? 6mm will continue to gain ground as space becomes more of an issue and as more people realise they are fairly easy to paint.

    @ Jonathan Freitag, popped over to your blog and joined straight away, some really nice Naps you have there. The basing is new to me, will be basing all my buildings in the future.

    @ Smillie, I cringe when I look at the 28mm buildings, though I still have spent a small fortune on the buildings I own already but I have so much choice.

    @ Anne, the detail is really smack you in the face goodness. Mind you both Total battle Miniatures and Leven Miniatures also just pile in the detail too. I have many buildings from all three and will be adding even more soon. I will be looking at TBM at Triples (one of very few they are attending themselves) and will also look at Timecast but I know the significant part of my building budget will be going the way of Leven this year.